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Retreats at Findhorn

We offer remote, coastal retreats in an Ecovillage context. Some retreats are held in solitude, and others offer a community experience.

Most world religions encourage some kind of retreat practice, including reflection, meditation, nature immersion, movement, singing, community service, change of diet and many other forms. A retreat is any definite time (from a few hours to a month or more) spent away from ordinary life for the purpose of reconnecting with the spirit that inhabits the centre of life, nature, earth, cosmos and our highest selves.

Every year we offer a range of retreats based on the Findhorn Foundation Principles. Our retreats include overnight accommodations, meals, activities, meeting rooms and sacred space. We can also work with you to design a retreat to meet the needs of your group…for more information Click here

Findhorn Spiritual Retreat - Primal Painting
Primal painting is a simple yet profound way of allowing your deepest self to express all the colours of your life, including all of the light and dark shades of your spiritual journey. It is an inspiring way to expand your

A Christmas Retreat
Looking for some quiet time over Christmas, yet wanting to feel connected in community? During this darkest time of this year when everything in nature is still, we too can feel the need for a quiet space in which to reflect or

Christmas Retreat - on Iona
Experience Christmas on the holy island of Iona, celebrating the returning of the light. Situated on the west coast of Scotland, Iona is a sacred island known as a historic place of pilgrimage. Traigh Bhan is the Findhorn

New Year Retreat - Turning Within and Moving Forward
Let go, release the past and move forward with your heart filled with love and gratitude.Eileen Caddy The long nights and the transition between years invite us to take time out, listen deeply within and look at where we stand

Transformation in Retreat - on Iona
The Transformation Game® is a spiritual tool that catalyses change. It provides a playful yet substantial way of understanding and gracefully transforming the way you play your life. It looks at the kinds of experiences you

Beyond Mindfulness - Meditation Masterclass and Retreat
Mindfulness, meditation and times of calm bring wonderful health benefits and deep spiritual development. This inspiring week is an opportunity to explore and soak in the benefits and blessings of meditation. Our days together

Wilderness Retreat
A perfect escape from fast paced digital life. Our expert guides will take you out into the wilderness of the Scottish Highlands to enjoy the beauty of mountain, forest, river and sea. We will give you the space to regenerate

Spring Garden Retreat - on Iona
This is an opportunity to enjoy the magical Isle of Iona and practice Love in Action at the same time! We will be gardening together for four mornings in Traigh Bhan’s beautiful flower and vegetable garden: preparing it for the

Findhorn Spiritual Retreat - Wild Nature
We will explore our relationship with the wilder places around us – and within us – through observation, contemplation, meditation, ritual and the hands-on experience of conservation of the land. An opportunity to connect with

Spiritual Retreat: Co-Create a new "I" - on Iona
Immerse yourself in seven days of spiritual retreat, to press pause on your life and consider: Are you taking time in nature to listen to that small, wise voice within? Would you say your daily life is love in action? Fall still

Findhorn Spiritual Retreat - Permaculture
Permaculture design is a divine creative activity. Craig Gibsone, the workshop leader and co-author of the book Permaculture: A Spiritual Approach, offers a spiritual view on permaculture. In essence, permaculture is about

Findhorn Spiritual Retreat - Living Intuitively
We know everything we need to know at any given moment. Intuition allows us to get to the heart of the matter. It enables us to cut through complexities and see what is for the highest good for all concerned. It is an inner

Findhorn Spiritual Retreat - Clay
With the landscape of Findhorn Bay and the surrounding coastline as an inspiration for our retreat, we journey with the four elements - earth, air, fire and water - using the medium of clay to focus and centre ourselves, and to

Spiritual Deepening: Living from Purpose and Soul
Be still, go within, and draw forth the priceless treasures within you.Eileen Caddy Join us on this four week journey of engaging with your inner knowing. Spiritual Deepening is an invitation to step back from everyday life