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Acquire René Haakman art, and support the New Park Sanctuary rebuild

Words by Findhorn Foundation

Dutch artist René Haakman is offering his paintings, drawings and sketches in return for donations towards rebuilding the New Sanctuary or Community Centre in The Park.

Speech of a Fairy Queen, by Dutch artist René Haakman
Dutch artist René Haakman

René was deeply saddened by the burning down of The Park Sanctuary and the Community Centre in April 2021, prompting him to make this generous offer to help support the rebuild of these vital buildings in the community.

René has been inspired by the deep connection with nature that takes place in the Findhorn community. His work is multi-layered, fluid and spontaneous, constantly revealing new discoveries for the viewer. He has the feeling his paintings create themselves rather than being created by him – ‘as though invisible folks use my hands to reveal themselves. They come in and mingle naturally with common impressions of daily life.’

To support the new buildings in this way you are invited to visit his studio in Delft, The Netherlands, to view and buy his work, and you can see more here.

Any support to make this project successful would be greatly appreciated, such as organising an exhibition or auction, sharing this post, offering distribution or transport, framing a couple of vulnerable pastels, or selling paintings in your shop if you have one.

If you can help, or would like to visit his studio, call him on +31682471533 or email [email protected]

Donations for bought works can be sent to the Findhorn Foundation.

Travelling Fairies, by Dutch artist René Haakman

René Haakman on his work

The paintings sing about nature, the soul and awareness in any shape, any unity, any creature. In a face may appear other little faces and one face is part of several others.

Sometimes it’s not clear if some strokes represent a human being, a plant, a mountain, a fairy, a vegetable, or rather a vegetable human being or a human plant.

If a man walks in a wood and his heart and mind are filled with the wood, is he then still the man, the wood, both, something else?

Is our personality something substantial or just a transient composition of always-different drops, like waves in the ocean?
Are our thoughts ours or passengers coming from wherever?

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