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Your Exquisite Body of Light


Your Exquisite Body of Light

Sat 27 July 2019 (7 Days)
Tjitze de Jong

This week is about exploring your unique individual healer-ship. You will learn to direct energy flow and embody a bridge of positive intention between heaven and earth via hara and core. With a hands-on approach you will discover how chakras actually function and how the various layers of the aura can be accessed, cleansed, repaired and charged. A full-on workshop to explore your healing potential.

Tiered Pricing: £1110 / £840 / £690

Our quoted prices are fully inclusive of participation in the workshop or event, accommodation in our guest rooms (including towels and linen), all meals and refreshments, and full access to our community facilities like our meditation sanctuaries. Some facilities, like our saunas and hot tub, ask for a donation for use.

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Before you book your place, please take a moment to consider that the Findhorn Foundation is a Charitable Trust. We believe that the benefits of holistic learning should be available to everyone regardless of their financial or life situation, and that the transformational journey is enriched by a diversity of participants.

We recognise that what is affordable for some can be a financial stretch for others and offer a tiered pricing structure. When you book, please select the price that feels appropriate for you.

Pay it Forward Price covers the cost of your workshop and includes a contribution to our bursary fund. This will make participation possible for one or more people who otherwise would not be able to join our transformational work in the world.

Sustainable Price covers the cost of your workshop and helps us to sustain our learning and guest facilities.

Supported Price reflects a partial bursary toward the cost of your workshop and is intended for those with minor financial need.

Thank you.

To prepare yourself prior to attending this workshop, we recommend reading Hands of Light and Light Emerging by Barbara Brennan.

You can purchase Hands of Light from Amazon UK by using the link to the left.

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Before you book…
        please read this as it contains important information about your participation in this workshop.

Dear Participant

Please read this entire section as it contains important information about your participation and how to book.

Thank you for your interest in Your Exquisite Body of Light.

This week-long programme will provide you with the opportunity to learn hands-on healing skills. It will also be an intense journey with the potential for powerful energetic changes and personal transformation.

We will be working with subtle energies. This can have a profound affect on the cellular and systemic functioning of the body and for this reason this workshop is not suitable for anyone with the following:

  • Cancer
  • Pregnancy
  • Heart condition
  • Anyone receiving psychiatric medication or care (currently or within the last 5 years)

The healing methods themselves can be helpful, but it is not appropriate to engage in only a week-long workshop under these circumstances.

From previous workshops based on this material, participants have told us that they have made significant shifts in their lives. We hope you feel inspired to join us.

If you need any further information before proceeding with your booking please contact [email protected]

If you wish to book for this programme then we ask you to do the following:

  • Send your booking form (online using the link below or via the post) to the Findhorn Foundation’s Bookings office.
  • Accompany the booking form with a written response to indicate that you understand and agree to the following:
    1. By joining this workshop you agree to remain fully self-responsible for your well-being (physically, emotionally, mentally as well as spiritually).
    2. You are not currently: pregnant, or receiving psychiatric medication or care. You do not have cancer, a heart condition or anything else requiring regular medication.
  • Please also write a letter of between one and two pages telling us briefly about yourself, your background, and what attracts you to participate in this workshop.

Due to the different bookings procedure for this workshop, our response time may be a little longer than usual. We will try to get back to you within several days of receiving your booking. Your booking is only confirmed once you have received a confirmation email from the Bookings office.

This has been a popular workshop in the past, and we hope that will be true again this summer. The event may fill up – it if does and your letter and application comes after we are full, we will notify you promptly.

Love from Tjitze

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