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Wilderness Retreat

Wilderness Retreat

Sat 18 May 2019 (4 Days)

A perfect escape from fast paced digital life.

Our expert guides will take you out into the wilderness of the Scottish Highlands to enjoy the beauty of mountain, forest, river and sea. We will give you the space to regenerate and heal from your busy lives while seeking out beautiful nature spots where your body, mind and soul can be realigned and nourished. Here is a unique opportunity to relax and rejuvenate in a world renowned ecovillage and spiritual community while being immersed in nature and mindfully exercising your body. There are opportunities for meditation and yoga interspersed with adventures into the wild landscape, consciously re-connecting us with nature. While away from your everyday lives we invite you to set aside your digital connectivity, breathe the fresh air, walk, forage, get on the water and cook on campfires. Findhorn is situated on a peninsula with an expansive beach and bay to enjoy and is at the heart of some of the best outdoor adventure in the UK.

While in nature there will be opportunities to explore our relationship with the multitude of interconnected ecological communities that we are a part of and depend upon. Consciously inviting the cycles in nature to act as a mirror on our inner journeys and offering useful insights into our lives. Returning with a strengthened relationship with the wild, within and without.

The Findhorn Ecovillage community provides comfortable accommodation, vegetarian meals, meditation spaces, a sauna and an hot tub under the stars. Let the healing powers of mountain, forest, river and sea work their magic on your mind, body and spirit.

What to bring:
Please come prepared for a full days hike and some activities out on the water.
Hiking gear including tough walking shoes, waterproof coat and trousers, hat
Change of clothes
Day pack
Water bottle
Provided by us: Wetsuits, Towels

The event lasts five days, Sat 18th May 2019

Registration time to be confirmed, programme starts at 4pm on Saturday 18th May 2019, ends midday on Wednesday 22th May

Add up to three extra nights to your stay and we can help you design your time to suit your individual needs with good tips and contacts for alternative therapies, massage, yoga, healing or more outdoor adventures (at additional cost).
It is advisable to be prepared for walking for 5 hours over uneven ground, and being able to get in and out of a boat/kayak.

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