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Wild Wisdom

Wild Wisdom

Sat 26 October 2019 (7 Days)

Free Your Instinctual Knowing

Nature is alive and intelligent. We can tap into its spark of knowing – which also flows through us – to heal, to transform and to live an inspired life. But we don’t have to isolate ourselves in the wilderness to connect with the spark of wild wisdom.

In this experiential workshop we translate ancient techniques into modern day practices to nourish our relationship with the conscious intelligent force that lives in the land and flows through the air and waterways – just as it lives in our own breath, body, bones, and blood. As we discover and express our authentic nature we also honour the Earth.

We will take shamanic journeys and share activities that heal, expand consciousness and strengthen our relationship with nature. By opening our hearts to the magical lands, nature beings and non-physical intelligences at Findhorn we will transform personal and collective ideas and fears that suppress wild intelligence, as we learn to:

  • integrate linear with sacred time
  • work with non-physical wisdom keepers to nourish the wild wisdom pathways of our life’s purpose
  • renew and heal with the transformative forces of nature
  • generate local and distant healing through the communal field of consciousness
  • apply shamanic and shapeshifting strategies to environmental issues
  • create ceremonies for personal and collective transformation
  • enliven our connection to all of nature and our non-physical communities.

Join us to recover the natural human capacity for grace and to deepen your sense of belonging with the Earth. Help to bring balance to your life and your community, as you reclaim your most deeply held values for life on planet Earth.

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