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Whole Body Mindfulness – Increasing the Power of Your Intuition

Whole Body Mindfulness – Increasing the Power of Your Intuition

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Alex Maunder, Susan Miles

Beneath all of our stress and trauma lies an inner wellspring of intelligence and vitality that knows how to move our life situations forward. Invite your power of awareness to awaken this intuitive power of your body wisdom through the natural process of Whole Body Mindfulness.

Many people are carrying great emotional pain. Suffering is fine if it can lead to a growth in understanding but pointless and cruel if it merely results in repetitive patterns of behaviour.

Seeing the bigger picture:
I believe that I am here, like everybody else, to learn Life’s lessons and to move forwards. That can only happen when I stop being so reactive and learn to see things from a different perspective. The deepest reason why I practice and teach Whole Body Mindfulness is that it gives me an intuitive feeling of grounding, safety and support from something much bigger than my little ego. Then my nervous system can calm down, my body feels more relaxed and alive, and I am able to step back and to see the bigger picture.

Self-Responsibility is the key:
From this new perspective, with mindful self-awareness, I can take responsibility for the parts of my behaviour that are clearly wrong and have contributed to any disharmony in the whole situation. These are the bits that I can change and as I do so I become more empathic about other people’s behaviour. This insight suddenly opens me up to the new possibilities that are surrounding me all of the time, but I am unable to see them due to the stress and trauma of my old reactive patterns.

There is only Learning:
With Whole Body Mindfulness it is possible to learn, to let go and to move forwards. All the pain of wanting to be right and to prove the other person wrong suddenly vanishes. There is no right or wrong anymore, there is only learning. The intuitive insights learnt are so powerful that this becomes a spiritual practice in its own right that naturally leads to change and activates new neural pathways. This can powerfully contribute to the ongoing process of mindful self-observation and self-transformation.

Intuitive Listening:
We will also explore the value of intuitive listening with Whole Body Mindfulness. When connected to our grounded presence, our body wisdom knows how to be with and listen to the other person in a way that we do not. Going beyond the cognitive mind and all theories to a place of pure intuitive knowing, words come that are exactly the right thing to say at the moment as a way of supporting the speaker.

Combining elements of the Alexander Technique with the Inner Focusing practice developed by Eugene Gendlin, Whole Body Mindfulness encourages more of the body into the process of self-enquiry, increasing grounded presence and energy flow.

Please note:
Whole Body Mindfulness includes aspects of The Alexander Technique. No prior experience of this work is necessary, but some hands-on bodywork skills will be taught.

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