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The Essence of Art, The Essence of Spirit

The Essence of Art, The Essence of Spirit

Sat 2 November 2019 (7 Days)

A co-creative journey to express our uniqueness and re-discover our relationship with Nature using the medium of colour, sound, clay, masks and movement.

This course will offer a unique journey of self discovery and self realisation through the medium of arts. Closely woven within the web of elemental nature, the experience will empower people to explore their true Essence and to embrace Mother Earth and the power of creation.

The programme is for anyone interested in acknowledging the interconnectedness between Nature and humanity through art and to regain their sense of belonging.

Movement, masks puppetry clay work and painting; each exploration will be presented as a door beyond which we can unfold the unconscious and trust the authentic impulse that leads us to create, with words, with a brush, with clay, with our body. When we create we are in touch with who we are.

This course is a collective and personal experience at the same time. Participants will be given clear instructions and they receive the skills to enjoy to the full the disciplines that we will experiment with, but they will also have a protected space to let go of labels and limitations and enjoy the freedom to be without judgments or expectations.

We will unlock our imagination and will let it fly.

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