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Spiritual Intelligence: Next Level Leadership

Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual Intelligence: Next Level Leadership

Sat 17 November 2018 (7 Days)
Chloe Greenwood


  • Can I inspire members of my organisation with a deeper sense of meaning and purpose?
  • Do I understand other people’s perspectives?
  • Can I work with a diversity of worldviews?
  • Can I access, even under stress, my creativity, intuition, purpose, fulfilment and empathy?

The professional benefits of IQ and, more recently, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) have been recognised and incorporated into workplace cultures. By themselves, however, they do not provide tools to answer the fundamental questions that our times’ rapidly changing circumstances are asking us all.

Research from Harvard Business School is showing the emergence of a higher form of leadership in the organisations that are managing to adapt to the current challenges in our world, showing skills of wisdom and compassion, humility and courage (see Jim Collins’ Level 5 leadership, Otto Scharmer’s U theory, Frederic Laloux’s Reinventing Organisations, Spiral Dynamics Integral). In this week, we will look at examples of this emerging edge and how it works in organisations, using the Deep Change model of Spiritual Intelligence.

Spiritual Intelligence: Next Level Leadership
Spiritual Intelligence: Next Level Leadership
Spiritual Intelligence: Next Level Leadership

What kind of leader do you aspire to be?

The Deep Change model of Spiritual Intelligence provides next-level ways to thrive and lead in the midst of an increasingly complex world. Working on the principle that “who you are is how you lead”, the model uses an assessment tool, SQ21™, which has been tested for construct validity, reliability and has been cross-correlated with another respected Harvard instrument. Using a framework of 21 skills, each with five levels of development, it helps you map your strengths and identify areas that are ripe for development. An SQ21 assessment is included in the course fee and delivers a 20 page report with pointers for further advancement. You will receive the link to the assessment two weeks prior to the course commencing.

During the week we will be outlining a map of the Spiritual Intelligence territory. We will focus on each of the 21 skills in turn, offering tools for development, personal growth and expansion of consciousness.

Combining the Spiritual Intelligence model with the inspiring and transformational atmosphere at Findhorn, we will create a fun and enjoyable week. We will be using Drama Improvisation to practice “yes, and…” thinking, increasing our complexity of thinking and ability to solve “wicked problems”.

Spiritual Intelligence is at the forefront of the evolution of organisational culture, providing ways to go beyond functionality and into thriving. Return to your workplace with a feeling of being connected to something greater than yourself, with a new network of like minded people, ready to create a positive, sustainable future for you and your organisation.

More On SQ21™

Spiritual Intelligence development is a way of enhancing ones contribution in the workplace and has been discussed in business leadership for about 20 years. It is based on having a strong presence, with authenticity, humility, equanimity, wisdom and compassion – and the idea that “Who you are is how you lead”.

Cindy Wigglesworth developed the SQ21 framework and assessment tool using similar research techniques as Goleman and Boyatzis used to develop the emotional intelligence model. By developing the assessment tool, it has been possible to do rigorous research to validate the model and to cross correlate with other models of adult development.

Additional Resources

Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) vs IQ and EQ

“While computers have IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and animals can have EQ (Emotional Quotient), it is essentially SQ (Spiritual Quotient) that sets human beings apart,” observe Danah Zoher and Ian Marshal in their book SQ: Connecting with our Spiritual Intelligence.

IQ primarily solves logical, mathematical and linguistic problems. EQ makes us aware of our own and others’ emotions, judge the situation we are in and behave appropriately. SQ allows us to ask if we want to be in that situation in the first place through questions like: “Is my job giving me the fulfilment I seek?”, “Are my relationships with others mutually satisfying?”, “What are my priorities in life?”, “What is the purpose of my existence?”. The transformative power of SQ distinguishes it from IQ and EQ.

SQ motivates us to create new situations if necessary. Thus it determines our happiness and also our ability to meaningfully utilise IQ and EQ.

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