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Spiritual Deepening: Living from Purpose and Soul

Spiritual Deepening: Living from Purpose and Soul

Sat 14 November 2020 (28 Days)
Susan Miles & Judith Bone

Be still, go within, and draw forth the priceless treasures within you. Eileen Caddy.

Join us on this four week journey of engaging with your inner knowing.

Spiritual Deepening is an invitation to step back from everyday life and immerse yourself in the transformational field of this place. Over 50 years of living by the principles of inner listening, co-creation and loving service to the whole has given our community a unique capacity to hold you with wisdom and deep empathy as you open to new possibilities in your life.

This holistic support will give you space to open more to the wisdom of your own unique body and being, grounding it consciously in the framework of day to day living. The programme will include guided inner work, meditation, journalling, a mindfulness practice day once a week, expressing love through service, a silent retreat, different types of creative expression and body-based practices.

These four weeks are a heart-opening process of discovering more of your capacity to experience life as an expression of awakening consciousness in life. Step into this space and open to life in new ways.

What people say about this programme:

  • Please read this excellent blog from Leslie Hill about her experience during a previous Spiritual Deepening course.
  • This year workshop holders Susan Miles and Judith Bone share what their inspiration is to hold this programme (click on the speaker symbol in the video-player to turn the sound on):

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I have been on many retreats in various spiritual traditions but never one as long, deep and loving as the one I experienced at Findhorn. Perhaps it was due to the programme structure with abundant time for learning, contemplation and self expression, or perhaps it was the joy (and sometimes tension) of being on the journey with a group of multicultural fellow travelers, perhaps it was Kairos (God’s time) or perhaps it was simply the ‘Magic of Findhorn’. And now I think that the gift of the retreat need not be attributed to anything other than grace and the blessing of being in the right place at the right time. What I experienced was most profound and beautiful. I have come to realise that the Spiritual Deepening Programme was, for me, simply about understanding, experiencing and loving the person I am and was created to be. Thank you Findhorn!
Marcus L, previous programme participant

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