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Spiritual Activism: Leadership as Service

Spiritual Activism: Leadership as Service

Sat 28 March 2020 (6 Days)
Alastair McIntosh, supported by Judith Bone

This workshop challenges pre-conceived notions of what spiritual activism is, will support you to get a clearer vision of your unique contribution to change in the world, and acknowledges the importance of self-understanding, wholeness and nourishing yourself with a spiritually resourced life. Many activists burn out or sell out in the long run. Drawing from a diversity of traditions and exploring a number of themes, during the week we will explore ways of grounding our outer work in the inner work of the spiritual life – so planting seeds of an engaged, effective and fulfilling life of spiritual activism.

You might be a seasoned activist who has given many years battling corporations and governments, or working within them to deepen their responsibility. You might be a young person, awakening to concerns about poverty or discrimination and seeking your life’s vocation. Or you might be caring for a woodland, sitting with an elderly relative, or devoting your time to children and other living things.

I would hope that spiritual activism… will help to open up fresh channels of consciousness in their minds, to deepen people’s visions, to deepen the understanding of themselves and how that interacts with the issues with they are engaged so that they can hone themselves to be more effective in the long run.Alastair McIntosh, workshop leader and co-author of Spiritual Activism: Leadership as Service.

Our week will blend taught input, group reflection, and the sharing of experience. We will build on themes that are introduced in Alastair’s co-authored book, Spiritual Activism: Leadership as Service. The workshop will draw on such traditions as Christian liberation theology, Hebrew prophetic insight, the karma yoga of Hinduism, engaged Buddhism, and indigenous shamanic traditions especially of the Celtic world, including the power of bardic poetry and the imaginal or mythic realms of being.

This is a challenging week, which previous participants have found has helped them to see their lives from a deeper ground of consciousness. It is also a week in which we have a lot of fun.

Reading preparation:
If possible, to bring everybody up to the same speed at the start, we recommend reading Spiritual Activism: Leadership as Service by Alastair McIntosh and Matt Carmichael as preparation for participating in this workshop. You can find a copy by using the links below.

Green Books – UK & Rest of the World

Independent Publishers’ Group – North America


With its clarion call that spirituality is central to activism, this is truly a book for our age, challenging the preconceptions of most activists, let alone those who still see spirituality solely as ‘an inner journey’.Sir Jonathan Porritt, first chair of the UK government’s Sustainable Development Commission and past director of Friends of the Earth

The word brilliant is overused, but it genuinely applies to Spiritual Activism. No other book brings together social change theory with insights from psychology and spirituality like this book does.Starhawk, author of The Spiral Dance and The Empowerment Manual

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