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Soul Tracking


Soul Tracking

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Jena Griffiths & Susan Miles

Once in a lifetime we simply have to say yes to ourselves and our soul’s calling. Yes to the different drummer that we have been hearing all these years. The ache to be who we came here to be, and also to connect with like-minded people.Jena Griffiths

You have a unique calling, an inbuilt compulsion that drives you, inspires you, and constantly informs your life. Life intends something through you. Just as it is the destiny of an acorn to become an oak tree, we all have an inbuilt compulsion to grow into our full potential.

Your Soul’s Agenda Has Two Sides
Much of our anxiety comes from feeling we aren’t doing what we came here to do. That’s because the forces that drive us are not always visible or obvious. We are like the oak tree where only one half is visible while hidden beneath the ground there’s a massive root structure that pulls and grows in the opposite direction to the tree it supports. So too your journey through life has two sides and one feels counter intuitive.

Honouring the Past; Trusting the Future
Iona Walking the LabyrinthThis workshop tracks both sides of your blueprint: the forces compelling you to become something and the forces that seemingly hold you back yet also ground you firmly in the here and now. It is about saying ‘yes’ to what is, the bedrock you were born into and what life has offered you so far. Perhaps, in the spirit of the Findhorn founders, you can see that it is really possible to turn what seems like a garbage heap into a rich, fertile garden for yourself and future generations through conscious collaboration.

Seeing Your Life from a Higher Perspective
A map, no matter how good, can’t replace going the distance but it can make the journey more pleasurable and less circular. The shortest path to anywhere is Presence. However, recognising that there is a pattern and a logic that takes you away from the present helps you course correct more gracefully.

It does not matter what age you are, whether you are nearing the end of your allotted span or just starting out you are exactly the age you need to be right now. We will explore how to care for, nourish and give daily attention to your soul’s calling, like a gardener paying attention to sunlight, soil, water, root structure and stages of development. We look into the dual nature of your purpose in depth, plus what environment or family you landed in, where you are now and what next steps you can take to cause your purpose to thrive and blossom.

Raise your consciousness, and realise that I AM within you, that wholeness is here within you, and that nothing can separate you from the wonder of it except your own limited consciousness.Eileen Caddy

Finding Your Unique Blueprint
Finding our innate purpose means we need to see the ‘blueprint’ of our life. But how do we do that?

Patterns in nature leave clues that help us see a bigger picture. For example, when we look at an acorn, we see that life intends an oak tree. So too with your fingerprints. Like snowflakes, they are universal in pattern but at the same time totally individual. Your fingerprints reveal your unique energetic signature. This provides a clear map of the dual forces driving your life – the light and the shadow; the parts you may already know and the parts still hidden.

Your fingerprints reveal what makes you feel deeply fulfilled – your soul’s calling. They also reveal exactly what is holding you back – the issues that trigger you, causing you to drop down to lower feeling states that take you into your shadow side to do deeper work.

When you can see how this works you have the key to setting yourself free. You can give yourself and others around you more space and more compassion as the conscious gardener of your own life purpose and future.

Activities and Outcomes
The workshop is co-focalised by Sue Miles and Jena Griffiths. Sue has lived at the Foundation for over 20 years and has been facilitating workshops here for many years. She provides the safe container of Findhorn’s very special field of transformation.

Jena is a master hand analyst, bringing over a decade of in-depth expertise in decoding your life purpose from your fingerprints.

Tree SwingWe have paced the workshop in a way that gives you time to connect with the spirit of the place, explore nature, the Findhorn community and, if you wish, even participate in some activities to meet community members and fellow travellers from around the globe.

The week allows for a good balance of individual and group work. We have set aside time for you to explore your unique birth blueprint privately with Jena at the start of the week and again later. As a group we explore more universal themes together, such as stages of development we must all go through. Guided meditations help us tune into which part of our purpose is arising now and group discussions enable us to connect the dots backwards and share ways to compost and transmute the past more efficiently.

At the end of the week we hope you will have a better understanding of your life purpose and also have more clarity about what steps to take next for your purpose to thrive and flourish. You will go home with a deeper connection to yourself and others, a clearer understanding of your soul’s agenda, plus your own personalized map and soul tracking tools to keep you on your path.

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