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Experience week – Skills for Sustainable Living

Experience week – Skills for Sustainable Living

Sat 2 November 2019 (7 Days)
Eveline Rodenburg and Maria Cooper

Are you inspired to live a life that is fulfilling and sustainable for the earth and yourself? And do you love learning practical skills?

You don’t need to live on a farm or in an intentional community to be able to live a life that is gentler to the earth. A sustainable life can be cultivated anywhere if you tap into your creativity and wisdom.

During this week you will get to know our community and participate in its daily rhythms, and at the same time learn some useful skills. We will be permaculture gardening, harvesting as well as preserving and cooking with the produce, and using wild herbs for making remedies.

An introduction to the essence of the Findhorn Foundation.

The best way to experience this vibrant, international, spiritual community! Enjoy a unique opportunity to participate in an evolving journey of spiritual awakening and sustainable living.

During these seven days you will become part of a multi-generational, inter-cultural group of fellow participants, mutually learning, sharing and supporting each other. Experience the founding principles and daily activities that this dynamic community is based on, and explore how you can enhance your spiritual development and self reflection.

In all our activities we aim to co-create an environment that supports you in deepening your connection with all life. Being here is an invitation to let go of limitations, open to love and be the change you want to see in the world.

The week is full of opportunities for spiritual awakening and transformation through deepening your connection with yourself, others and the world. It will support you to practise inner listening, inspired action and relational presence in the course of community living. Connect with others who seek to engage consciously and creatively, and feel what it is like to be guided by the spirit of life.

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