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School of Youth

School of Youth

Wed 15 August 2018 (10 Days)
for sustainability & human flourishing

A Findhorn Foundation Special Event

The School Of Youth brings together young people (ages 17–27) from different social, cultural, religious and economic backgrounds to engage in a magical 10-day learning experience. Blending outdoor adventures with creative group work, music, art and philosophy, the programme is highly innovative and effective in developing life-skills related to peace, sustainability and human flourishing.

It’s amazing what happens when young people from all over the world meet and build deep friendships…

At the School Of Youth we believe that young people play a vital role in leading the world towards a more sustainable and peaceful future. Professional facilitators create a safe and caring atmosphere that will inspire you to deeply inquire into themes that truly matter to your heart. It’s amazing what happens when young people from all over the world meet and form a robust learning community. Here the question of “How can we live together well?” gets very alive and real for us.

Sign up today to this fun and transformative learning adventure, an experience you will treasure for life. The video at the top of the page, shot during the programme in Spain, captures the School of Youth vibe.

Findhorn Foundation School Of Youth
Findhorn Foundation School Of Youth
Findhorn Foundation School Of Youth

A taste of some programme activities

The programme offers a diverse range of adventure, art and community based activities. While no single activity is compulsory, you are encouraged to take part in a variety of different options and experiment with new challenges. Each activity covers a number of learning outcomes.

Rock Climbing & Trekking. A gentle introduction to rock climbing with experienced guides and climbers lead a journey through coastal caves, up colourful sandstone cliffs and through ancient archways and caves. Participants learn how to belay and trust each other to safely move up vertical cliffs in one of Scotland’s most beautiful climbing areas.

Mindfulness & Meditation. You will enjoy being in an environment that waters the seeds of awareness and understanding to what’s happening within and around us. In a very real down-to-earth fashion you will learn how to work with feelings and emotions, how to deal with conflict and explore how to create peace and well-being.

Music & Dance. With the support of experienced artists, participants are given the space to find expression through music, dance and performance. You may learn a new instrument, create a song, a rap, write a poem or simply feel the beat of a drum

Yoga & Massage. Participants learn yoga postures and simple breathing exercises to energise the body and calm the mind. You also have the chance to give and receive massages, learn techniques such as Indian head massage.

24hr Wilderness Solo. The solo is about making space to slow down, reflect and reenergise; a magical and potentially transformative experience. After days of preparation, participants are alone in the wild for 24 hours, followed by a celebratory return to base, and sharing of the experience.

Learning Spaces. A variety of games, films, dances, theory sessions and group exercises are carried out in a variety of beautiful indoor and outdoor venues around the Ecovillage.

Findhorn Foundation School Of Youth
Findhorn Foundation School Of Youth
Findhorn Foundation School Of Youth

A Typical Day

Each Day is a unique learning journey, tailored around the learners’ needs, combining a balanced mix of physical activities, disclosure of theory, silence, relaxation and creative group work. None of the activities are compulsory and students are given the opportunity to choose how their time on the programme unfolds.

At The End of each day students have the chance to reflect on their actions, explore abstract concepts and experiment with their own ideas. Participants are also directly involved in supporting the daily rhythms of the community as they lend a hand in the kitchens and keep their accommodation tidy and beautiful.

Day Schedule Sample

  • 08:00 Energetic wake-up activity, i.e. yoga
  • 09:00 Breakfast
  • 10:00 Activity time, i.e. rock climbing; exploring the theme of emotional development experientially and through theory sessions along the way
  • 13:00 Lunch en route
  • 17:00 Return to base
  • 18:00 Dinner and free time
  • 19.30 Reflection of the day
  • 20:00 Optional film, music or workshops
  • 23:30 Silence


Your Well-being Is Our Priority
At the School of Youth, our students’ physical and emotional well-being is our priority and we operate a comprehensive Safety and Risk Management Policy. Our operational backbone is an impeccable safety record and years of experience in safely guiding thousands of participants through learning adventures.

We put greatest care in selecting and training our team of highly qualified and experienced guides and facilitators. All safety equipment is maintained at a top standard. All staff and activities are covered by our professional liability insurance. Students are required to show proof of a health and accident insurance.

What previous participants say…

One of the biggest problems in the world right now is how we’re treating the environment, we all know the heat is coming down on us right now and here at the School Of Youth they’ve helped me know that I can help the system even just by small steps.Camille Smith, aged 22, from Jamaica

I asked God to give me water, he gave my rivers, I asked God to give me a tree, he gave me woods, I asked God to give me light, he gave me the sun, I asked God to give me friends, he gave me you … thank you School Of Youth!Belal Dalas, aged 18, from Palestine

At the School of Youth I learnt so many new things I’ve never tried before. I made friends with people from different countries and cultures and it felt like we were a family. I’m so grateful to have taken part, the experience has been unforgettable and I hope to go back next year.Banxayeu Casals, aged 16, from Catalonia

Nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams! At the School Of Youth you are accepted for who you are. Although we came from different backgrounds and cultures, we shared the same goal – to learn from each other – because we need many hands to make big changes in the world.Ghayda Hamoudeh, aged 19, from Palestine

The best part was the solo, being by yourself in the wilderness, facing your fears, getting to know who you really are. The School Of Youth is a beautiful experience, you learn about yourself, others and different cultures. It’s really worth it. Go if you can!Janna Ribes, aged 16, years from Spain

Price: £1290

Includes all programme content, 10 nights accommodation (arrive Wednesday afternoon 15 August; depart Saturday morning 25 August) with full board and refreshments. Accommodation includes single-sex sleeping arrangements in bungalows and eco guest houses, all with a kitchen, a lounge, showers and toilets.

If you cannot afford the​ ​fee you can apply for a bursary when completing the Application Form. We are actively fundraising to bring a diverse group of young people together.

Discounts and Bursaries
We hope to offer a number of bursaries to support those with lower financial resources, especially from economically developing countries. Anyone may apply for a bursary and you can request a bursary form through the online booking process:

  1. Use the date link below to go to the booking form.
  2. Tick the relevant box in the Support Fund section. Our Bookings Office will send you a form to complete and return.
  3. In the Final Payment Details section enter “00” in the Total to pay now field. Please note that we like to see applicants making an effort to contribute financially as much as possible.
  4. Send us a letter of introduction (about one page A4 size) with some information about yourself, in particular:
    • Your background, life situation, work, studies, age…
    • Are you currently involved in a project that is aligned with the themes of this programme?
    • How will the School of Youth programme help to further your dreams and deepest aspirations?
    • Please include a recent photograph of yourself

For any enquiries please contact [email protected]

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