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The Sacred Stage: Perceptions

The Sacred Stage: Perceptions

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Laura Pasetti & Stewart Friendship

Artists are like nests waiting for the Bird of Truth to land in them and rest for a brief moment. They work all their life to prepare for this moment.Anatolij Vassiliev

Do you like your story? Do you like the role you play in your story? And if you could step out… what role would you take?

This course is a journey open to those willing to experience the Self and the World around them, through one of the most truthful and empowering mediums: Theatre.

Theatre can transform the Ordinary into the Extraordinary simply by awakening our perceptions. Fear, old habits, delusion, love, happiness, faith; we usually fill our narrative with many characters. What if we change the script and give the lead role to our True Self?

During this week, we will explore the stage as a Key to unlock our Perceptions and to see different perspectives of the same story. Theatre will enable us to use our imagination to empower reality and by doing so, we will start to see new possibilities in our work, in our art, in our relationships, finding the confidence to begin a new dialogue and the resources to move the plot in a new direction.

The stage is a magnifying glass where every small detail is revealed and finds its place. Every place on the stage offers a different view of our ‘scenario’ and a new role to play. We will unveil truths, we will discover hidden treasures and we will share an unforgettable journey stepping into the lead role.

We will spend time in Nature finding characters to fill new stories with.

We will work in a circle as it is the most powerful stage of all.

We will play with clay, with masks and with ‘living’ objects.

We will share an adventure that will end only when we are ready.

And we will have fun!

The inspiration…

While I was in Cluny Sanctuary recently, a person came in to feed the plants. What he did represented the perfect metaphor for this course: he went to each pot in the room, checked the level of humidity with a thermometer; then he watered a plant according to the response of the thermometer. He spent a few seconds looking at the plant and made the decision to rotate the vase so that all the leaves would receive enough light. He was pondering a careful decision for each plant. He removed dead leaves from a few plants, gently but firmly and without wasting any time. Then he left, as silently and quietly as he had come in.

This is what we aim to create in this course: we would like to create the right environment and ideal circumstances for each participant to go within and check their temperature, became aware of it and of any other hidden feeling or need that is not visible on the surface. We would like to provide them with some nourishment and present experiences that can offer a different perspective on the situation they are in. Our intention is to give light to every aspect of the person, contributing an equal amount of light to each side of their artistic personality and creativity; cut or get rid of dead leaves when asked for; leave them the space and the time to unfold, grow, reflect, expand. We see this course as a time where each participant can go back to the beginning, start again, learn again, make mistakes, make more mistakes and be free.

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We recognise that what is affordable for some can be a financial stretch for others and offer a tiered pricing structure. When you book, please select the price that feels appropriate for you.

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