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Sacred Dance – Ariadne...

Sacred Dance Ariadne

Sacred Dance – Ariadne: Transformations in Dance and Teachings of the Dervish Turning

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Maria-Gabriele Wosien

Myths are collective dreams – metaphors.
They are the songs of our imagination,
inspired by the energies of the body,
dramatising the experience of our embodiment.
Mythical stories are a way to manage the unknown.
Stanley Keleman

The name of Ariadne is synonymous with the thread of light, guiding the traveller on a structured journey through darkness. Dancing these light patterns, the creative potential of the thread begins to reveal itself by following it to the source of life. As we continue to rely on the memory of our dance experience, the initial vision of the journey culminates in its realisation.

The myth of Ariadne is an inner and outer journey that begins in the labyrinth of a monster and ends with a crown of stars. Our dance is like the jewelled threads with which Ariadne aided the hero Theseus to find a way through the maze. Through the different phases of the dance, following these threads of light, we pass through fragmentation of the soul, onward through the heroic journey of winning inner freedom, through cycles of loss and separation and culminating in the divine marriage.

Mevlevi Turning

Drawing by Bernhard Wosien, early 1970’s

The workshop also weaves in the beauty, symbolism and meditative depth of Sufi dance. All morning sessions bring teachings of sufism and the Dervish Turning. The Turning is a means of meditation. Its whirling movements allow dancers to release ego and thought, merging with the music and with the higher will that the dance invokes. The Mevlevi Dervishes who crafted the Turning called it Prayer in Movement. Our practice also draws on the ‘Philosophy of the Soul’ of Jelal-uddin Rumi (1207–1273), the spiritual founder of the Mevlevi Order of Dervishes.

Join us for this week of sacred journeying through dance.

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