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Reconsider Retreat

Reconsider Retreat

Tue 18 June 2019 (4 Days)

You can choose what kind of life you want to live.

However, if you are like most people you may not be aware of what choices you can make and how you can choose. Do you act from a sense of freedom in all areas of your life? Or are there areas where you are acting unconsciously? Even when you choose unconsciously your choices help create the world we live in. We can create peace, but we first need to be aware of what we are creating individually and collectively.

This Reconsider Retreat experience is an opportunity to step more boldly into your life and uncover the choices, patterns, energies and communications – conscious and unconscious – that create your reality. It is an exploration into profoundly compelling ideas that can make life more interesting, enjoyable, engaging, and powerful in a way that will truly allow you to start bringing a peaceful world into being.

This retreat consists of a deep dive into Reconsider concepts where we will move through Five Movements and explore how we are creating the world around us individually and collectively. With this understanding we then begin to imagine greater possibilities and create steps to manifest the world we want to live in.

The Reconsider workshop is a wonderful vehicle for giving us new perspective and noticing where we have our blind spots. We are invited to see where we have already made a decision about ourself and about others, and are encouraged to challenge those decisions. What opens up is a whole new way of relating to ourselves and to one another. If everyone did this workshop, there would be a lot more understanding and fewer conflicts in the world. And the world certainly needs that!

– Jacqueline Buckingham

Our Approach

The Reconsider process is a unique Five Movement methodology focusing on Curiosity, Awareness, Own Your Creation, Reimagining, and Manifesting. It allows us to explore challenging places in our lives that prevent us from living as we wish. Facilitators use innovative concepts, playful exercises, writing, self-reflection, and conversation to move participants through a personal exploration of their lives and worldview to enable greater freedom and a dynamic relationship with life.

Our style is playful, innovative, powerful and supportive. By designing a safe and inspiring space to explore and discover the ways in which we create our lives, Reconsider facilitates a journey of deep introspection and dialogue that arrives at boundless creativity.

The retreat guides participants to recognise and unravel the patterns that impede our growth and disrupt the possibilities that are available in our relationships. By reconsidering our very relationship to life, to our self, and others, we can transform ourselves, the environments in which we live and, ultimately, society for the better.

Join us on this retreat and find out how you can create change for the better.

Don’t just dream of a peaceful and inspiring life and world. Create it!

Don’t just dream of a peaceful and inspiring life and world – create it!

If you have a week to spend at Findhorn and want a deep dive into the topic of peace, then take a look at Peace in Action – get the skills to change our world, a three day event preceding the Reconsider Retreat. If you book both the event and the retreat, you will receive a £100 discount off the price of the retreat.

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