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Reconnection and Renewal with John P. Milton

Reconnection and Renewal with John P. Milton

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John P Milton

This is a week-long programme (8–14 July 2017) with John P. Milton, founder of Way of Nature and renowned ecologist, activist, author, spiritual teacher and shaman. Running now for the third year, this programme offers a very special coming together of wisdom, experience and place.

Through the week, John will share the twelve principles of Natural Renewal, supporting relaxation, presence, reconnection and Source Awareness with Nature as teacher and partner. The Programme will consist of energy practices, teachings, reflective dialogue and personal practice through time alone in Nature. Being at Findhorn, we will place special attention on reconnection and replenishment with land.

In the video above John shares his thoughts about why vision quests and time alone in the wild is so important today.

What to expect

John’s Way of Nature principles are brought together from a number of wisdom and indigenous traditions. These include Buddhism, Tantra, Taoism, Native American wisdom and more, to which he has dedicated over 70 years of study and practice. Practiced with Nature, the principles form a powerful way to connect and align inner and outer Nature. Thousands of people have experienced John’s programmes and many report greatly enhanced ability to handle stress, amplified creativity, and a renewed discovery of the basic joy of life.

This programme includes Qi Gong and T’ai Chi energy cultivation practices, all easy to learn and suitable for all ages, designed to deepen experience of energetic connection to all life. John will then combine an introduction of the twelve principles with reflective dialogue and opportunities to practice through time alone with Nature. We will explore some short solo sessions, and at least one twenty-four hour solo held in sacred land.

Who is it for?

Way of Nature principles and programmes have inspired and supported people from many walks of life. From personal and spiritual transformation to exploring new kinds of change in ecology, sustainability and business organisations, people always come away with a special kind of reflection and energy from this work. At a time when we are seeking new kinds of purpose, connection and meaning in the world, John’s work is becoming increasingly important.

What to bring

A full packing list will be provided with booking documents. All meals will be provided
except during solo sessions, where participants are encouraged to fast. If you feel you would like to eat during these times you will need to bring your own food which can be bought from the local community shop.


£825  for individuals
£1045 for participants from public and third sector organisations
£1245 for participants from corporate or large consultancy

Please select the appropriate price when completing your booking form using the link below.

The programme will run from Saturday 8th July 2017 starting at 2:00pm and close on Friday 14th July 2017 in the evening, followed by a celebratory meal. The programme price includes accommodation on the Friday night for Saturday 9:00am departures.

Here’s another video to watch
Trailer for The Way Of Nature – A Modern Shamanic Rite of Passage with John P. Milton.

A programme run in partnership with Way of Nature.

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Event is not currently scheduled

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