We Do Not Die
Conference Follow-on Workshops

Wednesday 30 September - 9.00am to 12.15pm
Dr Eben Alexander & Karen Newell
Sacred Acoustics: Exploring Inner Space

We are all connected to each other through our soul, or consciousness. Join New York Times best-selling author Eben Alexander MD and co-founder of Sacred Acoustics™ Karen Newell in a workshop exploring consciousness through specialised sound meditation.

In the workshop, Dr. Alexander will discuss the enigma of consciousness, the brain as a filter and how science is finally expanding its boundaries to acknowledge the fundamental importance of consciousness in all that is, leading to a synthesis of science and spirituality. Karen Newell will describe the technology of brain entrainment and will lead the group on an experiential journey that uses tools developed by Sacred Acoustics to access a deep meditative state.

The workshop is suitable for both beginner and advanced students, as each journey offers new insights and answers. There will be ample time to process, ask questions and discuss how to integrate these inner knowings into everyday living. The answers truly lie within us all.

Wednesday 30 September - 2.00pm to 5.00pm
Jeff Olsen
Everything is Energy and Energy is Everything

Join Jeff Olsen for Everything is Energy and Energy is Everything - A mix of sound, shamanism and tapping into our own divine vibration to realise the connection of who we really are. Discover how divine energy heals, teaches and is always at our beckon and call, if we are simply in tune to receive it. Learn to raise your own vibration in a way that will transform how you experience life and the people around you, creating oneness within yourself, in relationships with others and with the entire universe. We are ONE.

Thursday 1 October - 9.00am to 12.15 pm
PMH Atwater
Near-death experiences - The rest of the story

In her most controversial work yet, Dr. Atwater reveals 'the rest of the story' about near-death episodes, the pattern of physiological and psychological after-effects, and implications that impinge on the way society views Consciousness, God, Soul, Life, Death.

She digs deeply into the phenomenon and its entire range of effects: with babies, children, adults of any age anywhere in the world, multiple accounts - with a candour and freshness no one else in the field of near-death studies has done. She speaks out about heaven and hell scenarios, the three lights most experiencers report, changes in brain structure and function, changes to the electromagnetic field around experiencers that makes them sensitive to electrical items, and a strange comfort they develop with things 'future'.  She came to recognise that the Oneness experiencers talk about actually describes the journey one takes to the threshold of the soul. Questions and dialogue encouraged.

Thursday 1 October - 2.00pm to 5.00pm
Brigitte Rix
Your chance to ask Brigitte more questions

She can share a wide range of knowledge, from activities in the Afterlife world to more profound topics learnt from her Masters from the Beyond during her 33 years of channelling their dictations (Brigitte does not promote any religion). For example:

  • Why do I exist as an 'Energy/Spirit Being'?
  • Is there choice and Free Will?
  • What about suicide/euthanasia/cryonics (freezing corpses)
  • Are there different kind of 'apparitions'?
  • Where does Thought Power come from?
  • When did my Consciousness arise?
  • What about Consciousness in Animals/ Plants?
  • Can I help rebalancing the Earth Energy grid?

TIPS & TOOLS to develop your awareness and mediumistic abilities:

  • The difference between mental/physical mediumship/psychic energy happenings
  • How to empower and protect yourself mentally
  • Learn the ethical and legal dos and don’ts of putting across information
  • Understanding ‘sittings/readings’ as a sitter and as a medium: what goes on ‘behind the veil’ during communications
  • Examples of exercises to help you become aware of your own gifts

Friday 2 October - 9.00am to 12.15 pm
Paul Aurand MHt, The Newton Institute
Revealing Your Life Between Lives - proof of the afterlife without having to die!

What if you could be regressed back to that time in spirit during an NDE ... or even to a life between lifetimes, to recover memories of all you learned and experienced? In this workshop you will witness a live demonstration of a Life Between Lives regression; recovering soul memories of the afterlife, conducted by Paul Aurand and assisted by Angie Noon.

Observe as our volunteer remembers his or her own soul’s journey into spirit; a journey that includes:

  • Leaving the body and returning home
  • Meeting guides and loved ones
  • Immersion in unconditional love
  • Life review and soul lessons
  • Integration of the memories into this current life

Life Between Lives (LBL) regression therapy was developed and researched over 35 years by Dr. Michael Newton. This work is based on over 7,000 documented case studies. Paul, who is the former president of Dr. Newton's institute, has been conducting LBL sessions for 15 years and is one of the authors of Memories of the Afterlife, a book of personal transformation from Life Between Lives case studies.

Friday 2 October - 1.00pm to 4.00pm
Barbara Harris Whitfield
Integration and Liberation

We have the 'God Source/Creator' in us. We are the writer, director, producer and star of our own script/blueprint/play. We even create our glimpses into 'heaven'. Our whole life is gifted to us by our individual 'Source' that is connected to Spirit and THE SOURCE.

Barbara will show us a map that allows us to take out an eraser and dissolve old karma thereby connecting us to the life we have hoped for.


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