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Peace in Action: Get the skills to change our world

Peace in Action: Get the skills to change our world

Sat 15 June 2019 (3 Days)

This course is for people who know the challenges facing the world, and ourselves, and want to do something about it. On the basis of my new book, The Business Plan for Peace – Building a World Without
War, I will enable you to get familiar with factual information on peace and war today – what war costs us, and by contrast what it would cost to systematically prevent war at local, national and international levels.

We shall investigate why self-knowledge and inner work are essential to the effectiveness of whatever you decide to undertake in the outer world, as we know not only from Gandhi but from thousands of peace builders around the world today. I have a fount of stories of the people who risk their lives daily to prevent other people getting killed, and how they maintain the courage to do that. To deepen your own capacity for empathy and inner strength, we’ll share some exercises that will open up your listening skills, and we’ll learn to communicate more skilfully.

The next part of the course will accompany you on a journey into your own passion, what it is you want to contribute to your local community or to the wider world. There will be meditation to help us all listen to what is being asked of us. You’ll be able to join round tables with others who share your passion, be it refugees, children, local peace organising, working with the media or growing vegetables…Scilla will also assist you to address ‘getting started, deciding your priorities, registering your domain name, fund raising, drawing on friends to support you with social media, outreach and finance.

There will also be the opportunity to get to know Findhorn, to sing and to dance. Our hope is that you will leave with a much clearer idea of what you can and do
contribute to a safer future for everyone, and a feeling of belonging and being able to express your passion,
and act on it.

“Visionary is much too small to describe Scilla Elworthy…with a rare grasp of today’s realities, she not only sees what’s coming but also shares her pragmatic vision of what life could be like.” Ambassador Swanee Hunt, chair, Hunt Alternatives.

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