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Out of the Ashes: Turning Crisis into Opportunity

Out of the Ashes: Turning Crisis into Opportunity

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Kajedo Wanderer

In the wilder parts of the land between The Park, Findhorn Village and the sea, the Findhorn Hinterland Trust offers a week of exploration with other like-minded people how we can turn the challenges in our lives into opportunities for positive change.

The Findhorn Foundation Community & Ecovillage and the surrounding ‘Hinterland’ are living examples of reasons for hope when outer circumstances can seem quite dire. Just as our connection with the intelligence in Nature produced the near miraculous, famous results in the Findhorn Gardens, we are still drawing inspiration from Nature’s ability to heal itself – and our ability to make a positive difference through our willingness to cooperate with the spirit in Nature.

The week will be conducted mostly in the semi-wild outdoors around The Park, its woodlands, heath lands and dunes. It is a summer ‘wild’ camping retreat: accommodation will be in your own tent on our designated woodland camping pads. Basic facilities of a compost toilet, running water, a sheltered space for gatherings and a central fire will be provided.

We will reflect in small groups on our experience of the challenges of life and will explore ways to turn these challenges into opportunities – with Nature as our guide. There will be an emphasis on using all of our senses to deepen our communication, our communion and our sense of community with all that is alive.

The facilitators for the week will include long term community resident, retreat leader and Findhorn Hinterland Trust Land Manager, Kajedo Wanderer, with presentations by Alan Watson Featherstone, founder of the award winning Scottish environmental charity Trees for Life and Jonathan Caddy, ecologist, son of the community founders, and present Chair of the Findhorn Hinterland Trust.

My recent experience on the wild camping retreat within the Findhorn Hinterland Trust was both rich and life affirming. A much needed detox from modern life – which enabled a refocusing on the areas of life that hold beauty and meaning for me. There was a good balance of ease and challenges – which had been gently crafted and interwoven with insightful knowledge of nature and the beautiful natural environment that the hinterland sits within.
The weekend was facilitated perfectly by Kajedo – land manager, who has a wealth of insight and knowledge of the land and self exploration. Kajedo expertly guided the retreat and enabled a feeling of comfort and safety.


The food was simple, wholesome and delicious.


A completely wonderful experience – I’m sure to return again.


Rachael Pinks – Gallerist, Derbyshire, UK

If you feel curious about Findhorn, if you feel within that you’re being caught in its gravitational pull, then the Hinterland Trust’s camping retreats are the perfect way for you to connect with this magical land and community. Many of us signed up expecting an ordinary few days of camping, but what happened was much more extraordinary.


Led by Kajedo, Findhorn Hinterland Trust’s land manager who has decades of experience within the community, we fruitfully toured both Findhorn’s outer landscape and our own inner landscapes.


I’m a recent university graduate figuring out my next steps in life at a globally tumultuous time. Spending time away from my busy home city, immersing myself in nature, and meeting likeminded people through this retreat has been pivotal for me. Sharing stories (blissful and painful ones) over a campfire in an emotionally safe and warm climate has been deeply healing.
Since the organisers have extensive experience in leading spiritual retreats and events, every detail of this weekend seemed to be meticulously planned to bring out the best in all of us.


Even the food provided was glorious. Much of it was grown fresh in Findhorn gardens and sometimes prepared by cooks who run local culinary businesses.


This was the first time at Findhorn for all of us who took part, and as far as I can tell all of us look forward to future moments spent in this unique corner of the Earth. The area has a perfect mix of picturesque beach, forest (miraculously sprouting up from dunes), gardens, and of course the quaint, colourful, alternative village of Findhorn.


During my time there, my senses sharpened, time dilated, and the present moment deepened. Rarely have I ever had such value for money. If you want or need some time and space to refresh emotionally, mentally, and spiritually then a retreat with the Findhorn Hinterland Trust is perfect for you. You can see it as an investment in your own health & happiness. Many potent seeds of wisdom will be shared amongst the small network of people you will find yourself a part of while there.


Callum Bell


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The Findhorn Hinterland Trust is a charity open to all and working on ‘wild’ land in the Findhorn area to promote conservation, education, the building of local community and the provision of recreational facilities and activities.
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