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Love in Action


Love in Action: Maintenance at The Park

Event is not currently scheduled
The Park Maintenance Team

Experience being part of a team offering service for a higher purpose.

On a practical level, we use this time to beautify and make improvements to buildings and areas in The Park, with the help of both skilled and unskilled people.

The week also includes time for personal sharings and is a good way to meet people living here.

Join us for an active week of fun, focus, service and creativity.

We invite you to attune to a price on a sliding scale between £330–£130.

Includes 7 nights accommodation, full board and refreshments.


Service Weeks give you the opportunity to come to the Foundation and lend a hand while giving yourself the gift of practicing ‘love in action’. The price charged for these weeks just covers your food, accommodation and admin fees, making it an affordable way to spend time in the community.
You will find other service weeks here.

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Event is not currently scheduled

Please note: prior Experience Week participation is required to attend this workshop.

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