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Jeddah Mali: What Makes Life Work?

Jeddah Mali: What Makes Life Work? The Concept, Practice and Application of Natural Intelligence

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A Findhorn Foundation Special Event

We’re delighted to let you know that we will be webstreaming Jeddah’s event live
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We all want to thrive, but we are gradually realising that to achieve this, individually and collectively, we need to fundamentally reevaluate our existing approach. Yet the knowledge of how life really works, of what’s required to produce personal satisfaction, let alone an enduringly successful organisation, a highly functioning society or a sane and healthy world, has remained frustratingly elusive.

What if we are currently trying to make things work without understanding the underlying mechanics? What if these hidden mechanics were a crucial influence in the results we are getting? And what if our continued misunderstanding was responsible for the increased challenges we are now facing?

We need a whole new understanding to go any further. The kind of understanding that can change the future we are heading towards.

Natural intelligence can address some of the pressing issues of our time.

There’s a key to understanding, and utilising, it. That’s what I’d like to share with you.

The laws of existence offer us a fascinating insight into the underlying mechanics of life. They give us a fractal hypothesis that scales across the individual to global spectrum.

Are the mechanics that successfully create and sustain life on earth the same mechanics that could have clues how to better run our own lives, that of an organisation or a society?

This is the question that Intelligent Life has taken on as its mission.

Jeddah Mali
Jeddah Mali
Jeddah Mali

We are a be-think-do platform that trains individuals and organisations in the concept, practice and application of natural intelligence. Used as a common approach across the human, organisational and societal spectrum, it provides a nutrient-rich medium for the co-creation of new outcomes.

Our vision is to create a world where we live from a deep understanding of the operating system of humanity, seeing practical solutions for implementing this knowledge into organisations and, scaling up, into society.

There is an underlying design to life that has remained unexamined in our search for answers, despite our being predisposed towards order and harmony. It is beyond cultural, geographical, historical, societal and educational considerations. It can be tracked, explored and understood by everyone. As such it is the only system in operation that is truly universal.

Everything works off this central design of natural intelligence, whether we realise it or not. And it acts as the foundation template and unifying property for all life. For human beings, it applies to every aspect of life – self-understanding, relationships, health, finances, business – right up to international relations and the ecology of the planet. When we examine its innate properties we can see that life is predisposed to bring us not only contentment, but also satisfaction, growth and success. It is also designed for peace amongst nations and the health of our planet.

There’s a key to understanding, and utilising, it. That’s what I’d like to share with you.

Our work moves beyond the current approach of using a separate discipline for each issue.

We offer a unified framework; an operating system for humans that acts like a stem cell injection, one that recalibrates the whole organism.

It changes the entire landscape of our attempts to create workable solutions, and in doing so, gives us the possibility of completely new outcomes for the challenges we face every single day as a species.


This course covers the new learning model that I have developed over the last two years. It follows a concept, practice and application approach which fosters a deeper transformational learning process.

It includes the Intelligent Life mapping system, which can diagnose your unique stage of conscious evolution and then devise a targeted path for you to enhance your development.

The course will focus on the 12 evolutionary indicators; starting with defining your purpose and then aligning it to every aspect of your life. We follow the progression of the indicators week by week, through vision, values, inspiration, motivation, mindset, feeling, form, experience, relating and identity. This culminates in assessing your current level of challenge and responsibility to see what lessons you face right now on your learning path.

The materials will examine the identity you operate from and help you move into a sense of self that is consistent with your values, how you want to be in the world and what you are here to do. We will also clearly define the evolutionary challenges you face and outline how to take responsibility for your own growth and ultimate success.


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