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International Training Circle Dance – The Harmony Method©

International Training Circle Dance – The Harmony Method©

Sat 22 August 2020 (7 Days)

Celebrate the spirituality of creation through dance, meditation in movement, ritual and nature experience! The Harmony Method© combines focused meditation with repeated movements, supported by tranquil music. Inner listening grows through the repetition of structured gestures which bring consciousness of the body and its place in space. Nanni teaches predominantly in a circle, which allows her to provide detailed support to individuals within the safety of the group.

NanniKlokeSacred2Working with Nanni Klokes´s Harmony Method© in deep connection with nature will be the foundation of this Circle Dance training. Along with dancing indoors, an important part of the week will be to go into nature and invite it to become the mirror of our souls. By creating rituals of movement, we can experience the body as a reflection of our senses and our soul – the body as our temple, for which we are responsible. If we can understand our own body as a microcosmos, building a mindful relationship with ourselves, we can recognise that we are also responsible for Mother Earth.

The workshop aims to create a place where movement, meditation and energy converge, where movement can become healing for us and for the earth. The life of the dance starts to inform the dance of our life.

By practising alignment exercises and the Meditation in Movement of the Harmony Method©, we can become conscious of our patterns and open new pathways to a more intense body awareness and a stronger connection with our inner dancer. We then integrate this awareness in the shared practice of Circle Dance. Nanni´s knowledge of body awareness through emotional and symbolic expression in movement complements her deep spiritual engagement with both dance and nature.

At the end of the week you will have a basic knowledge of the Harmony Method© in theory and practice and an expanded circle dance repertoire.

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