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Healing the Fragmented Heart


Healing the Fragmented Heart: An Astroshamanic Journey in Spiritual Intimacy and Loving Relationships

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Franco Santoro

This is a unique workshop in which you will explore relationships from a spiritual, holistic and shamanic, as well as pragmatic perspective with the aim of healing connections with partners, relatives, friends and significant people in your life.

Relationships are gateways into other dimensions, whatever and whoever we have separated ourselves from. They can be very challenging at times, for they shed light upon all our denials and fears, forcing us to come to terms with who we truly are.

Through tracking and releasing blocks to our capacity to love and identifying the underlying issues that hamper relationships, we can promote healing, fulfilment and peace.

We will employ astrology as a map to identify and explore experientially the dynamics of our relationships. We will use astroshamanic tools for healing and soul retrieval aimed at acknowledging and restoring the full spectrum of our true holistic nature, which we identify strategically in all its possible parts through the astrological cosmology.

The workshop involves a process of review and energy assessment of our human interactions, with the aim of gaining empowerment and wholeness, inviting and supporting relationships aligned with our authentic soul purpose. You will learn to use tools that allow you to continue the healing work beyond this week, providing a solid basis for more advanced practices.

The workshop is designed for all types of relationships, encompassing couples in intimate or platonic connections, partnerships in work, service or spirituality and rapport with friends and relatives. Participants of all genders and sexual orientations are welcome.

Tiered Pricing: £1080 / £820 / £670

Our quoted prices are fully inclusive of participation in the workshop or event, accommodation in our guest rooms (including towels and linen), all meals and refreshments, and full access to our community facilities like our meditation sanctuaries. Some facilities, like our saunas and hot tub, ask for a donation for use.

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Before you book your place, please take a moment to consider that the Findhorn Foundation is a Charitable Trust. We believe that the benefits of holistic learning should be available to everyone regardless of their financial or life situation, and that the transformational journey is enriched by a diversity of participants.

We recognise that what is affordable for some can be a financial stretch for others and offer a tiered pricing structure. When you book, please select the price that feels appropriate for you.

Pay it Forward Price covers the cost of your workshop and includes a contribution to our bursary fund. This will make participation possible for one or more people who otherwise would not be able to join our transformational work in the world.

Sustainable Price covers the cost of your workshop and helps us to sustain our learning and guest facilities.

Supported Price reflects a partial bursary toward the cost of your workshop and is intended for those with minor financial need.

Thank you.

Please note that all our workshops have a Findhorn Foundation community member present either as focaliser or assistant.

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