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Guidance for Life

Guidance for Life

Sat 25 May 2019 (7 Days)

Opening to Higher Intelligence through the Subtle Realms

Inner guidance is available to us all through cultivating relationship with the higher intelligence in the non-physical realms of reality. In opening ourselves to inner information and orientation, we learn more of our own subtle nature, exploring and healing those inner patterns and blockages which tend to prevent clear and fluid access, and helping us tap more skilfully into wisdom within. In this week, inner practices will bring you into contact with higher dimensional realities, just as outer relational exercises and teachings will support you in bringing what you receive more boldly out into the world, as part of a planetary-wide healing movement through higher consciousness. The week will be based on research that Stephen has been exploring for several years now through subtle energy work, and will be guided by the intelligence he attunes to through the subtle realms.

You should have some prior experience in subtle energy work of some kind in order to benefit from this programme – please indicate this in your Letter of Introduction when you apply to participate in the programme.

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