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Glimpsing the Kingdom Of Light

Glimpsing the Kingdom Of Light

Sat 4 May 2019 (7 Days)

Experienced mystic Gerry Taylor-Wood will guide you to develop your intuitive knowing of the ethereal world, so you can move fluidly between the seen and the unseen.

Through sharing experiences and hands-on exercises, the workshop will build your practical knowledge of gateways to the etheric kingdoms, including alchemical symbolism, plants, planets, ley lines and sacred sites. You will learn how to experience Devas and how to co-create with subtle beings. You will also understand more about the function of ley lines and how they can be cared for and used for the benefit of our planet.

Gerry has a passion for the mystic with a gift for weaving story. She has a broad knowledge of sacred waters, pilgrimage, Jungian astrology, tarot, alchemy and healing with flower essences. It is not every day you meet someone who walks between two worlds, the world of faeries, angels and devas, yet is grounded. She is able to describe it in a way you feel you are walking with her.”
-Tanya Morris, Senior Lecturer, Australia College of Natural Health

The use of sacred water for the healing of earth and self will be emphasised. Every transformative experience begins with water – in the old stories, the unicorn awaits at the well to begin the great work of transformation. Cleansing through the purity of waters initiates new beginnings and engages our psyches’ emotional bodies.

This is a time of spiritual crisis on planet earth. By opening the extraordinary hidden behind the ordinary, these teachings will bring light to your personal inner path so you can you heal yourself and our precious planet by experiencing and co-creating with the unseen beings of the ethereal world.

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