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Findhorn International Forum on Sustainability

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Findhorn International Forum on Sustainability: Empowering your response to the sustainability crisis

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The event provides a unique opportunity to explore sustainability issues with other senior figures in business, government and NGOs and reflect on your own personal sustainability while experiencing a community which has creatively engaged with the key global issues of our time for fifty four years.

The ninth Findhorn International Forum on Sustainability (FIFS) will continue in the successful form of an emergent process where you – the participants – generate the content. This format of emergence will be held within a structure facilitated by Robin Alfred, professional facilitator and ex-Chair of the Findhorn Foundation Trustees.

At FIFS in 2017 we expect to spend some time looking at ways we can accelerate implementation of the huge changes required if we are to support the Paris Agreement and meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – to assure a sustainable and low carbon future. This will include – for example – identifying key gaps, building solidarity and maximising synergies between networks.

FIFS is a holistic experience – exploring the linear and the non-linear, the systemic and the intangible, the left brain and the right brain. As Einstein said, “I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking”.

The Findhorn Ecovillage is a perfect location to explore current critical issues. For 54 years it has been a place where new ideas are tried and tested:

  • it has one of the lowest carbon footprints of any community tested in the industrialised world;
  • it has successfully developed a ‘dematerialised’ economy built on lifelong learning, hospitality and a low carbon lifestyle as the primary income generators;
  • it is creatively working with many of the social problems the world faces (citizen empowerment, maintaining the local economy, an ageing population, and living a more fulfilling but lower carbon life);
  • as an evolving ecovillage, it weaves together the four core strands of sustainability: ecological, economic, social and personal.

Please join us for a forum with a difference – space for deeper conversations, not the stuttering ones we catch over an hour here or there in cities – and the opportunity to step back from pressing work schedules to regain perspective and plan effectively. Our eight forums from 2010–2016 proved highly successful.

Because the content has been emergent and the venue is creative and supportive, many participants have returned two, three or four, even eight times and have brought key members of their work teams to experience the threads alive in Findhorn which tap all aspects of human potential and that can provide nourishment and inspiration.

The Findhorn Community is a great place to dream as well as to plan. Our five days are designed to help nurture you as well as provide specific ideas that could be implemented ‘on Monday morning’.

For the full event brochure and more information on what to expect, some testimonials and ‘Why Findhorn?’, please click on the image to the right.

This event is specifically targeted at

  • Professionals wanting to gain authenticity as they build their leadership capacities.
  • Leaders in their own lives who feel a personal commitment to creating a more sustainable world from the inside out.
  • Business leaders, managers, directors, community leaders and influencers who seek to be better professionals through integrating their personal development.

Dates: Sunday 30 April 12.30pm – Thursday 4 May 12.30pm 2017

Cost: £900

Four nights accommodation (Sunday – Wednesday nights), all meals (vegetarian, local, organic where possible) and course content.

Optional: Bed and breakfast Saturday before and Thursday, Friday only after the event, £40 per night, subject to availability.

How to apply
This event is aimed at professional people. To apply, please email a brief personal and professional biography to [email protected]


Robin Alfred
Former Chair of Findhorn Foundation Trustees. Executive coach, trainer and facilitator. Founder Findhorn Consultancy Service whose clients include PwC, BP, Birmingham City Council, National Children’s Bureau, Standard Life and the National Health Service, works for Oxford Said Business School and is an Associate of Olivier Mythodrama where his clients include Motorola, McDonalds, Lafarge, INSEAD, Office for Public Management, HM Revenue and Customs, Institute of Education, International Atomic Energy Agency, Daimler Chrysler, Centrica and Bertelsmann University. Robin’s website.


Yvonne Cuneo
Co-worker of the Findhorn Foundation for 16 years and a former Head of Communications and member of the Management Team. A co-founder of the Building Bridges initiative, committed to bringing diversity to the Foundation. Yvonne co-convened the New Story Summit, a 7-day 330-participant multi-cultural and multi-generational enquiry into what the future of humanity might look like, with Richard Olivier in September 2014. Yvonne is a Game of Transformation facilitator, Sacred Dance teacher and global ambassador for the Foundation.

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