Exploring Community Life

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This course requires previous participation in Experience Week.

Essential Findhorn focalisers

Exploring Community Life (ECL) is a great way to broaden your understanding of the community or to give you time and space to integrate your experience of the Foundation after a programme. You may also find this to be an attractive option for coming back to visit and reconnect with the community.

There is less emphasis on a group experience than in an Experience Week, and you are more integrated into the life and daily rhythms of the community. The group size is generally smaller and the programme will run even for one person. It includes participation in a service department to become more familiar with our guiding principle of ‘love in action’. There are also sharings, and the possibilities of a group project, a nature outing and if there is interest, a taste of the Transformation Game®. Evenings provide opportunities to join in with community activities and explore different aspects of living here, which may include spiritual and personal development, creative arts and sustainable living.

If you are thinking about a longer term commitment to staying at the Findhorn Foundation, ECL can give you a good sense of what it is like to live here, and it is a prerequisite for joining some of our longer term programmes such as Living in Community and the Living Essentials Apprentice Programme.

Tiered price (click here for more information): £720 / £560 / £460

Tiered Pricing

We want to ensure that our workshops and events are accessible to a diverse range of people and recognise that one person’s financial situation will differ from another. So that money is not a barrier to participating in our workshops and events, we offer a tiered pricing structure and ask that you select the price appropriate for your personal circumstances. Please take a moment to read about our tiered pricing here.

Includes all programme content, 7 nights accommodation, full board and refreshments.

A wonderful way to continue integrating into the community and better understand the founding principles of Findhorn.

Previous programme participant

I wanted a way of reconnecting with Findhorn after a long absence and this provided it well, with activities and free time to find my own way of interacting with the community.

Previous programme participant