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Courageous Leadership...

Courageous Leadership for a World in Transition: Ancient wisdom, contemporary action

Sat 21 April 2018 (4 Days)
Mac Macartney & Rosa Sommer Martin

This workshop was previously titled as “The Children’s Fire”. It has changed to the above but will still use the concept of the Children’s Fire​ and has been changed into a 4 day workshop

How shall we live? How shall we make decisions? What is good leadership? How can we wield power and invest in the future most effectively?

On a moonlit night in the winter of 1984 the story of the Children’s Fire was passed on to Mac Macartney by his indigenous mentors. This story told that long ago the chiefs of an indigenous culture ordered that a small fire, called the Children’s Fire, be always in the centre of their council circle to remind them that no law, no decision, no action of any kind will be permitted that will harm the children for seven generations to come.

Today, the Children’s Fire is a mindset, a design principle which needs to find a location deep within the DNA of politics, religion, art, business, education, health services, economics and our daily lives. It is a pledge to the welfare of unborn future children (human and non-human alike) to safeguard the vitality and regenerative capacity of the earth – the same meaning we ascribe to the concept of sustainability. It represents the sacredness at the centre of all that there is – stone, soil, shit, water, bird, plant, cloud, child, me, you…it means living in an animate world where everything is alive and everything has significance. Most importantly, we must acknowledge the insight and wisdom that the Children’s Fire symbolises, and then apply the principle in action.

Over the course of four days you will gain a lived experience of what might be achieved were we to re-ignite the Children’s Fire and commit to its care as individuals, as communities, as organisations and as a society.

Together we will enquire into three questions to point the way:

  • What is it that you most deeply and profoundly love?
  • What are your greatest gifts?
  • What are your responsibilities?

Knowing this, we move to action.

This programme invites you to a lifetime journey of deepening alignment with nature, yourself and each other. It points the way and sets a challenge. It invites you to walk in beauty, participate generously, appreciate the inner journey and empower its outer expression in your day-to-day life.

The Children’s Fire is a flame at the centre of a council of chiefs – leaders like you. People who would act on behalf of all life. With their positions come great responsibility, courage and awareness. Around the council circle are places where the chiefs are invited to sit. Many seats remain vacant. One of them is yours…

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Mac is a soul and heart opener. He can move people to a greater level of awareness and powerful actions through his high impact words. He can inspire people to be courageous leaders who act on what they believe to be true.Virginie Hellias, Global Sustainability Director, Procter & Gamble

Mac is a born storyteller – passionate, authentic, captivating… Just like that, Mac opens our minds, touches our heart. His wisdom, compassion and humility make him a great speaker, teacher and above all, human being. Cindy Tran, Co-Director of Harvard Business School Club of New York’s Career & Professional Development Programme and Strategy Director at InterbrandHealth

Mac has remarkable skills and always creates deep impact with the individuals and organisations he works with.Mark Drewell, Chief Executive of the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative

Mac is truly inspirational, he will touch your heart, stretch your mind, shake your world, and move you to action.Carolina Moeller, Head of Business Education, WWF International

Mac is a rare person: an inspirational leader, storyteller and thinker. He thinks deeply and originally… at the societal, organisational and personal level. If you want to be inspired, go hear him speak. If you want to learn more about yourself, then sign up for a course.Tom Rippin, Founder, On Purpose

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