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Christic Mantras

Christic Mantras

Sat 16 March 2019 (7 Days)

Follow me on a progressive twelve-step meditation practise which will empower you to make sense of your life experiences and to look at them in a context of spiritual growth.
I will guide you to open your heart to more light and to let go of your fears which are blocking you from achieving your full potential.
This gentle process focuses on powerful mantras taken from the Christic tradition inspiring us to reconnect with the sacred aspect of our existence.
This need of reconnection often happens when we are facing a difficult transition in our life. It is a personal crisis which gave me the motivation to share this powerful exercise through workshops and later via a kindle book. I developed this meditation practise over 25 years and it has supported me in time of deep transformation and spiritual awakening. I live now on the island of Patmos in Greece where I organise spiritual retreats and workshops…
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This practice will help you:

  • connect with your inner guidance
  • access more clarity of mind
  • reflect on yourself and review your past and release what is no longer useful
  • welcome the new in your life and allow yourself to follow your heart’s yearning
  • open your heart to the wonders of the divine and everyday’s miracles
  • manifest a life more in alignment with your life purpose
  • co-create a better world becoming a conscious light-worker
  • grow closer to your inner light, the divine within

Each mantra is linked to specific inner reflections (and group sharing if appropriate) and are as follows:

Your relationship with yourself:

  • Inner Purpose = ‘’Behold, I make all things new’’ (helps address the fear of taking risk)
  • Inner Love = ‘’God is love and who dwells in love, dwells in God, and God dwells in him’’ (helps address the fear of not being loveable)
  • Inner Creativity = ‘’Be still and know that I am God’’ (helps address the fear of voicing our creativity)
  • Inner Safety = ‘’If we walk in the light, as He is Himself light, we are in mutual communion’’ (helps address the fear of not belonging)

Your relationship with others:

  • Inner Fulfilment = ‘’Love is the fulfilment of the law’’ (helps address the fear of not being ‘good enough’)
  • Inner Strength = ‘’The richest amongst you shall be your servant ‘’ (helps address the fear of not being perfect)
  • Inner Truth = ‘’You will know the truth and the truth will make you free ‘’ (helps address the fear of being judged or rejected)
  • Inner Transformation = ‘’Blessed be the pure in heart for they shall see God’’ (helps address the fear of loss)

Your relationship with the divine:

  • Inner Joy = ‘’You are the light fo the world’’ (helps address the fear of failing)
  • Inner Abundance = ‘’Christ be formed in you’’ (helps address the fear of lack)
  • Inner Connection = ‘’I call you my friend’’ (helps address the fear of loneliness)
  • Inner Peace = God created man in His own image (helps address the fear of division)

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