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Beyond Mindfulness – Meditation Masterclass and Retreat

Beyond Mindfulness – Meditation Masterclass and Retreat

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Mindfulness, meditation and times of calm bring wonderful health benefits and deep spiritual development. This inspiring week is an opportunity to explore and soak in the benefits and blessings of meditation. Our days together will be an experiential oasis in which you will deepen your own practice led by one of Britain’s most experienced mind-body-spirit educators.

At the same time you will be introduced to the variety of different traditions and practices; and expand your practical and theoretical understanding of meditation.

Our approach is that meditation is a deep and natural behaviour that can be found in all spiritual traditions. At its heart is a universal state in which the body, emotions and mind are calm, and we connect with all that is, open our hearts and expand our consciousness. But there are different ‘gateways’ into that state and different practices when in it. Together we will explore and enjoy these different approaches, and you can evaluate which ones are most appropriate for you.

We will meditate in our group room, in Findhorn’s sanctuaries in the beautiful local landscape and by the ocean.
As well as meditation, there will also be careful and emotionally literate conversations about your experience, and the psychological and developmental dynamics of meditation.
Our course content includes:

  • The many different approaches and gateways that can take us into silence — including sound, breath and movement.
  • The science and physiology of how meditation benefits physical and psychological health.
  • The practices taught in different traditions — such as emptying, compassionate witnessing, mindfulness, guided visualisations, journeying, healing, inner dialogue, energy work, seed thoughts, prayer and consciousness expansion.
  • Different schools of meditation including Vipassana, Zen, Kabbalah and Christian.
  • The psychological challenges and skills needed to remain in a meditative state when the monkey-mind and inner daemons begin to sabotage the calm.
  • The appropriate approach you might use with your own students, colleagues and service users.

Join us for this oasis of deepening and development. CPD certificates available.

Please note that when you make your booking, John and William will send you a brief questionnaire which we ask you to complete and return as part of the booking process.

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Event is not currently scheduled

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