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The Art of Inquiry

The Art of Inquiry

Sat 21 March 2020 (7 Days)
Claus Springborg, supported by Javier Rodriguez

Disengaging from the inner critic

The theme of the first two days of the retreat is how to disengage from the inner critic, particularly in relation to the spiritual journey. The inner critic at first glance may seem to offer guidance, but in effect it mainly creates feelings of shame, guilt and inferiority without offering any real support in life.

The spiritual journey is a journey of self-discovery. On this journey it is necessary to see yourself clearly and honestly. You must see your immaturity in order to mature. You must see your mistakes in order to learn from them. If you do not learn to handle the inner critic, it will attack you every time you see something new about yourself, making the journey of self-discovery unnecessarily difficult.

In this workshop, you will learn concrete ways to detect and disengage from the inner critic. Disengaging from the inner critic gives you the capacity to listen compassionately and without judgement to all parts of yourself and to others.

You can participate in this part of the retreat without participating in the remaining days.

Tabooed emotions in spiritual work

Emotions such as anger, hate, and desire are often seen as destructive. Different systems see them as something to overcome or transmute. Sometimes these emotions are even referred to as ‘mind poisons’ or ‘vices’ and efforts are made to eradicate them by focusing attention on opposing virtuous emotional states such as love and equanimity. Meditations on love and equanimity are of course beautiful and valuable practices. However, when used to overcome the so-called negative emotions it can often have problematic consequences.

First, such efforts can create a strong spiritual inner critic and create a personality where the negative emotions are acted out in unconscious ways or through ‘civilised’ or passive forms of aggression. In other words, efforts to exclude what is seen as destructive emotional states can create a rather active shadow side. Second, efforts to overcome or transmute destructive emotions will often disconnect the individual from great parts of the individual’s vitality and energy.

The wish to overcome or transmute destructive emotions is generally born out of experiences where acting on such emotions have caused problems of varying severity. However, acting on the emotions and overcoming the emotions are not the only two options. In this workshop, we will look at how to be present with anger, hate, and desire in ourselves. When we acknowledge and value these often-called destructive emotions and how to hold a space for them to unfold in us, they will reveal over time their hidden treasures.

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We are also offering an option to participate in the first two days of Claus’ workshop, the Saturday and Sunday only (depart Monday morning), as an introduction to his work. To book this option please click here.

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