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Animal Communication & Nature Connection II

Animal Communication & Nature Connection II

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dog and duckThis week long retreat is for you if you have previously studied Animal Communication and feel comfortable with the basic elements. This is an exciting opportunity to add depth to your interspecies communication skills through supported practice within the unique energy field of the Findhorn Foundation.

There will be many opportunities to communicate with local animals including domestic pets, birdlife, ducks, swans and bees, and to practice remote animal communication using photographs. You will also be invited to expand your skills to include other natural elements such as trees, plants, rivers, rocks and lakes.

enjoying a treeWe will introduce you to new tools that can help to quieten the mind, bringing you more present, to become a clearer channel for communication. You will have opportunities to address and work with whatever blocks or obstacles have been arising for you with this work, and we will examine the code of ethics for animal communicators.

Throughout the week you will deepen your capacity to be fully present in each moment through meditation, walking, sitting, creativity, silence and journaling. There will be exercises and activities designed to expand sensory awareness, deepen your empathic abilities, and there will be one day of silence spent alone in nature.

This workshop is a wonderful opportunity to practice your animal communication skills, to meet other animal communicators and to enjoy consciously connecting to nature in all its forms.

When you make your booking, our Bookings Team will send you a questionnaire which we ask you to complete and return to us. This information will be read by Jacqueline Buckingham and Lesley Downie as part of the booking process.

If you would like to experience a longer immersion into interspecies communication, this Level Two week is followed by an Animal Communication Retreat week on the island of Erraid. Erraid is a small community of just seven houses situated on a private island off the west coast of Scotland, and is a sister community to the Findhorn Foundation. Transport is available via private minibus between the Findhorn Foundation and Erraid. For more information and to book please visit Animal Communication and Nature Connection Retreat

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Event is not currently scheduled

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