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Amazonian Magical Sounds

Amazonian Magical Sounds

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Immerse yourself in four days of Amazonian shamanic sounds and song, balancing the harmony of sound with male and female energy. Find your own sound and learn a Kichwa icaro, a medicine song that can bring healing and deeper awareness.

Workshop leader Kurikindi was guided from a young age by both male and female elders, after being identified as having the family ‘gift’. He has studied and trained in shamanic practices daily for 38 years.

From Kurikindi:
Mother earth is continually communicating with us, whether it be from the sounds of a beetle scratching on dry ground or the vibration and force of thunder and the crackle of lightning. We forget to notice the sound of things above and below.

In the modern world we use shoes and walk, mostly, on concrete and have electric lights to guide the way. In the Amazon we walk barefoot and use the different sounds of the types of ground we touch with our feet to guide our path. We feel and listen to see if we are walking on leaves and if they are dry or fresh, we question – can my toes feel sand, earth or soft clay, has it rained on dry Earth. Even with our eyes closed we can find our way home.

Amazonian Magical SoundsIn the Amazon sound, and especially song, is very important and we are taught from an early age to use our voice and sounds we can create. To be proud of our natural voice and to develop a natural personal sound is imperative for survival in the Amazon. We do not listen to the radio nor are we bombarded with sounds of the city, cars, construction work, aeroplanes, although these are creeping into our daily consciousness as the modern world crawls closer into the heart and hearts of the Amazon and its people.

We are encouraged to find a voice, to stand tall, to sing, to omit sounds that vibrate within our body mind soul and stomachs in a way that is free and without embarrassment or shame, and to be as loud or quiet as we wish. What was once considered a natural right is almost a luxury now in every day life.

Sound affects our emotions and our very essence of being. Sounds are also associated with happiness or fear. Daytime cheery sounds bring happiness; nighttime sounds are scary… we are taught this, but even nighttime sounds can be translated into something simple and not something you should be afraid of.

Learning to use sound, recognise sound and feel sound enhances our everyday life. Learning to be aware of all the sounds around us helps us navigate our path. Sound can help us travel emotionally and energetically here, in to the past and into the future, and far away as the imagination allows us or we allow ourselves. Sound is fun.

Eat a good breakfast, drink some fresh water and come and enjoy a few day of immersing ourselves into the world of sound.

Full Schedule

Day one – Sunday

  • Natural sounds are used in shamanism
  • How to journey within shamanic sound
  • Understanding how mother nature, the rainforest and birds and animals communicate with sounds
  • How to feel/sense sound
  • How icaros are born

Day two – Monday

  • Discussion about how humans and animals use sound to communicate
  • Interpretation of feelings of light and dark energies within sound
  • Practice and learn an Icaro in Kichwa
  • Identify sounds outside and practice to separate them
  • Meditation within shamanic sound energy

Day three – Tuesday

  • Guayusa ceremony with sound
  • Practice with the group the Kichwa Kurikindi icaro
  • Discussion about how individuals can make their own icaro
  • Find your own sound

Day four – Wednesday

  • Individual energy cleansing with shamanic sound
  • Meditation to give our gratitude to the four elements
  • Questions and answers session
  • Amazonian Kichwa dance and song

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Registration for this event is 1:00pm to 2:00pm on Sunday, with the first session starting immediately thereafter.

You can view below a recent talk, at the Native Spirit Festival 2016, which will
give you a deeper insight into Kurikindi’s culture and shamanic practices

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Event is not currently scheduled

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