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A Journey into the Labyrinth – on Iona

A Journey into the Labyrinth – on Iona

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Labyrinths are ancient and sacred forms found throughout the world and can be used as tools for meditation and healing. Exploring their simple yet powerful designs provide an embodied experience that brings life-enhancing insights.

During this exploration we will co-create an ephemeral labyrinth through listening to the land, ourselves and one another. Through a process of action and reflection, personal insight and skills as well as creative expression you will learn how to share the labyrinth with others.

This retreat is open only to those who identify as women.

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Situated on the west coast of Scotland, Iona is a sacred island known as a historic place of pilgrimage. Traigh Bhan is the Findhorn Foundation’s retreat house on this magical island.

Traigh Bhan offers the opportunity for quiet contemplation, while the island itself – with its views and spectacular coastal scenery – is ideal for long walks of exploration and contact with nature’s beauty.

If you need time to integrate the lessons of a workshop or space to reflect on your own journey and next steps, Traigh Bhan is the perfect place for spiritual rest and renewal. Comfortable and well-equipped, the house has its own peaceful sanctuary for prayer and meditation. Our residential Foundation custodian can guide you in making the most of your time.

Please note: We recommend participation in an Experience Week before joining a retreat on Iona.

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Event is not currently scheduled

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