Spiritual Practice Retreat Weeks

Our Spiritual Practice Retreat Weeks offer a supportive environment for personal and spiritual development within the transformational field of Findhorn. Learn new tools and develop a range of skills you can incorporate into everyday life. Explore meditation and other exercises, and through living our founding principles approach ordinary activities in a mindful way that gives space for presence, creativity and joy.

There are daily sessions as a group and four shifts in Foundation service departments to integrate your spiritual life with daily living. The retreat is less of a group experience than Experience Week and the group is generally smaller. Deepen into the rhythm of daily meditation within the community and enjoy free time to join some of the special events also planned that week.

If you are contemplating a longer term commitment at Findhorn, a Spiritual Retreat Week offers an insight into living and engaging here. It also serves as a prerequisite for joining some of our further Essential Findhorn programmes such as the Living in Community Guest Programme and Living Essentials Apprentice Programme.

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Themed Spiritual Practice Weeks

Spiritual Practice - The Power of Intention
25–31 March 2017

Learn tools from the ancient tradition of shamanism that can easily be integrated into everyday life, allowing you to transform your inner landscape, create new neural pathways that bring about personal healing and contribute to the creation of a healthy and balanced world for all of life. This retreat will focus on releasing blocking beliefs and reconnecting with our unlimited potential to shine.

Spiritual Practice - Permaculture
8–14 April 2017; 14–20 October 2017

During this nature retreat explore permaculture principles to look at how we live our lives day to day, and to connect with the wisdom of the Earth and ourselves. This ecological design system can inspire and empower us to create and find answers within us and be a catalyst for spiritual awakening, recognising the interconnectedness of all of life.

Spiritual Practice - Introduction to Meditation
22–28 April 2017

This retreat is suitable for everyone, whether you are new to meditation or more experienced. Approaching the week with a 'beginners mind', we will look at the objectives of meditation and some basic aspects including preparation, alignment, concentration and visualisation. We will also experience a wide variety of meditation techniques so you can choose those you wish to explore further as you develop and strengthen your own meditation practice.

Spiritual Practice - Ritual and Ceremony
17–23 June 2017

Tapping into our own inner wisdom and connecting with the spirit world through shamanic journeying, we will perform and develop ceremonies and rituals that allow us to live a life of purpose and meaning. During this retreat connect more deeply with the web of life and strengthen our inner light for personal and planetary healing.

Spiritual Practice - Active Meditation
1–7 July 2017

This journey within will use movement, sound and breath to cleanse and balance your energy, express feelings, remove blocks, and to connect more easily with the flow of life and all that is - an experience of being light-filled spirit in a physical body. Immerse yourself in this active retreat and support your spiritual awakening.

Spiritual Practice - Wild Nature
12–18 August 2017

We will explore our relationship with the wilder places around us - and within us - through observation, contemplation, meditation, ritual and the hands-on experience of conservation of the land. An opportunity to connect with the sweeping beauty of Findhorn’s Scottish Highland setting: the dunes, forest and sea.

Spiritual Practice - Living Intuitively
16–22 September 2017

This retreat week is a journey of discovery as well as confirmation of our intuitive abilities. Engage in exercises to develop our sensitivity and subtle perception, and use diverse meditation practices that enhance our inner connection and deeper listening to our own wisdom. Devote time to your spiritual awakening and practice ways of bringing an enhanced sensitivity into day-to-day living in the world.

Spiritual Practice - Clay
4–10 November 2017

With the landscape of Findhorn Bay and the surrounding coastline as an inspiration for our retreat, we journey with the four elements - earth, air, fire and water - using the medium of clay to focus and centre ourselves, and to create spiritual alchemy. Clay is a magical and primal substance that comes alive and takes form, bringing us a sense of co-creating with the spiritual dimension of all things. There is time and space for reflection and insight that can help strengthen your inner commitment to a spiritual life.

Spiritual Practice - Mindfulness Retreat
11–17 November 2017

In the busyness of our daily lives we can be too distracted to notice the present moment. Mindfulness is an antidote to this, the practice of focusing awareness on what we are sensing in each moment, calmly acknowledging and accepting our thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations. We then find ourselves living in a more relaxed way, performing our daily activities in a calm manner and being more present with ourselves and each other.

Deeply inspiring and opening my heart.

Katharina, previous programme participant

The course provided a space in which to nourish my body and my spirit, to have treasured time with new friends. It nurtured my confidence in my own senstivity and awareness.

J.B., previous programme participant