The Blessed Way of Passion Intensive: Week One

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Franco Santoro
with Ash & Symon Balderson

AstroshamanicHealing® Touch is a bodywork application of Holistic Awareness and Bona Fide Sexuality. Its aim is to explore the body's spontaneous energies of ecstasy and arousal, unveiling and directing their healing potentials with integrity, spiritual alignment, and clarity of intention.

We experience the multidimensional and shamanic dynamics of holistic sexuality, employing the body as a keyboard aimed at recovering and grounding planetary forces. With deep trance bodywork, we share ways of channelling profound passions, releasing blocks that hinder our potentials and celebrating the sacredness of life.

Completion of the workshop provides a solid basis for advanced work, enabling participants to continue their practice autonomously, including the option of accessing our certification programme.

Participants are held in the healing community environment and sacred landscape of the Findhorn Foundation, where this work originated in 1999.

Clear group agreements are held at all times to create a safe space. Participants set their own boundaries and do only what simultaneously honours both themselves and others.

The programme consists of two workshops, which may also be attended independently.

Week One (Basic Workshop): Multidimensional Portal of the Senses
This week is a complete introduction to AstroshamanicHealing® Touch and its basic applications. Through shamanic trance, energy work, dance, soul retrieval, gentle forms of physical contact and tantric practices, we receive visions and insights, redeploying energy and passion in accordance with one's life purpose and the web of life.

We explore the holistic and spiritual dynamics of sexual energy, as they are playfully portrayed by the astrological archetypes, aligning ourselves with the flow of life and opening up to new horizons of purpose and harmony.

We also experience the shamanic features of relationships, sharing ways to release intense feelings, promoting forgiveness, transformation and unconditional love.

Tiered price (click here for more information): £525 / £645 / £855

Tiered Pricing

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Includes 7 nights accommodation and all meals.

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Franco Santoro

Franco Santoro has been active in shamanism and holistic awareness since 1976. Workshop leader, author and shamanic facilitator, he is the creator of astroshamanism and many healing practices.
Franco's astroshamanic blogspot.


Ash and Symon Balderson have lived, worked and played together since 1994. Their lifetime exploration of Sacred Sexuality has brought them to the Findhorn Foundation where they are moving deeper into loving and learning within community. Their passion is helping others re-connect with their own true expression of sexuality and joy.