Embodying Higher Consciousness: Healing the Whole Self

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Stephen Busby

There is an immense acceleration in consciousness available to us. How much do we allow this to permeate through us, so that our different ways of knowing: our somatic sense, our subtle and psychic capacities, become more integrated as our ground in life?

In this intensive week we will inquire into our potential for embodying a higher frequency of consciousness through our everyday life, work and relationships. We will practice aligning with our soul purpose, learning to heal and transform any aspect of our life that is less aligned. Using a mixture of inner tools, dialogue and systemic constellation work, we will explore the subtle realms of life (refining our subtle-energy competence) and those unconscious inner structures, often inherited, that are next available for our awareness and healing. We will learn to tap into the transformative power of deeper qualities of presence, becoming clearer spaces for an ever-higher frequency of life. No previous experience required!

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The work with Stephen has been for me powerful beyond measure. I'm experiencing what feels like an activation of soul-purpose, in a way that feels like coming home... the work impacts me on various levels: personally, collectively as a woman, and tribally as part of this circle of humanity.

Previous workshop participant

A lot of movement in my body, adjusting to higher energy levels. Relaxing as my capacity grows in allowing the stretching. Deep felt silence inside often.

Previous workshop participant

It felt holy to participate... guided by surrender and in service to something greater of a collective magnitude. I was struck by the endless reverberations of tender, growing wholeness and emergent alignment in the flow of Love.

Previous workshop participant

I have received a new map for belonging, community, and family. Thank you, thank you for holding me, for being a place where I could muster every scrap of courage and speak my truth and have it be heard, for seeing the light in me.

Previous workshop participant


Stephen Busby has a coaching and healing practice and is based in Switzerland and Findhorn. He has worked internationally for 35 years to help people fulfil their life-potential.
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