The Poetic Cosmos

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A New Story Summit Follow-On Event

Awakening Imagination & Creativity through Poetry, Writing and Spoken Word
with Drew Dellinger

In a sense, the whole of life moves on the wave of a dream.

Martin Luther King Jr

The poetic imagination flows from the depths of the universe itself. This workshop explores the joys of poetry, writing and spoken word, awakening the playful poet and wordsmith within. Through writing prompts and sharing poetry, participants will celebrate the sacred cosmos of language, and cultivate inspiration for the creative process.

Together we will explore

  • how to activate our creativity in a way that best serves the planet and the people
  • how to use words skillfully to create the poetic feeling in others
  • how to channel our inspiration into effective art and communication

By tapping into the creativity and imagination that is both our birthright and the source of our being, we will delve into the essence of our common humanity and our unique individuality, and activate our capacities as 'the space in which the universe celebrates itself.'

A gift economy event - participants will be invited to contribute an amount based on the value they feel they received. (When making your booking please enter £0.00 in the "Total I wish to pay now" field and click the "submit" button at the bottom of the page, and do not complete the payment section of the form.)

This is a non-residential one-day event (9.00am to 5.00pm) which will be preceded by an introductory talk by Drew on Monday evening. All are welcome to attend this talk. For details see the link above.

Drew will also be giving a talk on Monday evening (see below for details)
which will be web streamed live from the Universal Hall.
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Monday evening talk

Time: 8.00pm to 9.30pm
Venue: Universal Hall, Findhorn
Price: Gift economy

What are the connections between the ecological crisis and the power of story? How can we build movements that put social justice at the centre of cultural transformation for the future of the planet?

In this one-of-a-kind evening of poetry, speaking and dialogue, Drew will examine the vision of Thomas Berry, the wisdom of Indigenous and African traditions, the worldview of Martin Luther King Jr., and emerging movements for social and ecological justice as examples of what he calls "a cosmology of connection." Drew will read from his award-winning poetry collection, Love Letter to the Milky Way, and share the latest research from his upcoming book on the overlooked themes of interconnection and mutuality in the work of Dr. King.

Topics explored will include:

  • Thomas Berry's cosmological vision and his concepts of the New Story(1978) and the Earth Community
  • The ecological and cosmological worldview of Martin Luther King Jr. and its relevance for our times
  • Connecting ecology, justice, and cosmology
  • Building movements using the power of dream, story, art, and action


Drew Dellinger PhD is an internationally known speaker, writer, poet and teacher who has lectured and taught extensively across the US, UK, Canada and Australia. He is author of the award-winning poetry collection Love Letter to the Milky Way and the upcoming book A Cosmology of Connection: Martin Luther King - Ecological Thinker. He has lectured at numerous colleges and universities and has taught at Prescott College, Schumacher College, Naropa University-Oakland, the Sophia Center, CIIS, and John. F. Kennedy University, where he was Associate Professor and Director of the Programme in Social Ecology.
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