Expand The Box - Sustainable Culture Thoughtware

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Clinton Callahan

Expand The Box (ETB) is a paradigm shift, a rapid learning environment with thoughtmaps, practical exercises and personal development processes empowering participants to create sustainable human culture on Earth. ETB lets you easily look at what is working in your life, what is not working, and what you can shift to create better results.

Modern culture thinking severely limits the quality of our relationships and our ability to take creative actions. We have been using modern culture thoughtware since birth so we don't recognise how thoroughly we give our centre away to external authorities and distract ourselves from what really matters to us. During ETB even long-buried visions get re-ignited with unquenchable inspiration. There may be many problems in the world, but where we can make the most immediate difference is with ourselves.

Few people know what they are truly capable of. Please come and find out. ETB installs swinging doors through walls that previously appeared impenetrable.

Tiered price (click here for more information): £660 / £510 / £420

Tiered Pricing

We want to ensure that our workshops and events are accessible to a diverse range of people and recognise that one person’s financial situation will differ from another. So that money is not a barrier to participating in our workshops and events, we offer a tiered pricing structure and ask that you select the price appropriate for your personal circumstances. Please take a moment to read about our tiered pricing here.

Includes all programme content, 4 nights accommodation (depart Wednesday morning unless participating in a follow-on workshop), full board and refreshments.

Registration is between 11am and 12.30pm on Saturday 27th, followed by lunch, introductions and orientation. The workshop starts on Sunday morning.

  • This workshop is one of two being offered in the week leading up to the GEN+20 summit. You can find more information on the other workshop, Deep Democracy, Relationship & The World, here.

    If you book both workshops together you will receive a reduction on the combined price of the two workshops, the tiered price being £1050 / £800 / £650. To book both this workshop, Expand The Box - Sustainable Culture Thoughtware, and Deep Democracy, Relationship & The World together, please click here.


Clinton and Marion Callahan are the co-founders of Next Culture Research & Training Centre, originators of Possibility Management, and are authors in English and German of Radiant Joy Brilliant Love, and Conscious Feelings.