Gestalt and States of Grace: Presence, Dialogue and Authenticity

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Caroline Matters & Sally Denham-Vaughan

Gestalt is frequently thought of as a psychotherapy or organisational consulting/coaching method. While it can be applied in these ways, it is in truth far more than this, perhaps best thought of as an applied philosophy aimed at supporting us to live the most vibrant, alive and 'good' life possible.

We will share the theory and practice of Gestalt - how to be fully present, connect with others and the world in an authentic and intimate way, preparing the ground for states of grace, transformational change processes where we change in ways that our egos could not have planned or imagined. In these states we can act together to pull in more positive futures for the world.

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Caroline Matters is trained in Gestalt psychotherapy and works in the Spiritual and Personal Development Team, supporting and supervising individuals and groups within the Findhorn Foundation.


Sally Denham-Vaughan is the Co-Founder of Relational Change and a Leader in The Relational Movement: a global effort to catalyse social cohesion among diverse communities.