Caroline Myss: Guts and God

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Using Spiritual Direction to Discover the Hidden and Obvious Presence of the Divine in Your Life

A Findhorn Foundation Special Event
11–13 November 2017

Do you want to listen to your gut or God? Intuition, our "gut", is a natural survival instinct we have, while higher guidance is an earned spiritual relationship that we develop between our soul and the Divine.

In this workshop we will explore how to find the Divine using the ancient art of Spiritual Direction. This is a technique of inner examination that guides you to explore the essential questions of your life with the intention of embracing the guidance of your spirit. It reveals how the passages we face in our lives such as birth, marriage and separations awaken profound currents of change that eventually become constant directives providing spiritual guidance in our lives.

My role as a Spiritual Director in this workshop is to assist you in learning to recognise the inner voice of your spirit and to interpret the subtle language of your inner nature.

The following topics are just a few that I will cover:

  • How to listen to your spirit
  • How to examine what you are feeling and why
  • How to process the pros and cons of a decision with intuitive as well as intellectual clarity
  • What is the power of your words?
  • Understanding the Law of Paradox
  • Examining the power of prayer; how to pray through a decision
  • How to examine the consequences of personal decisions
  • What do you believe and what don’t you believe, and why?

It takes a lot of "spiritual guts" to delve deep into spiritual questions and to be willing to examine your life with courage and clarity. But from this work come profound changes, healing and new direction.

I hope you will join me for this wonderful, intimate, supportive and very rich workshop.

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Caroline Myss PhD is a pioneer of energy healing. She is a medical intuitive internationally known for her work with sacred contracts, archetypes and chakras. She is the author of many books and is founder of Chicago's Caroline Myss Education Institute to which she now devotes much of her time and energies.