New You, New Planet

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Rita Tojal


Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.

Arundhati Roy

This workshop offers you the opportunity to create a new you by letting go of old beliefs and patterns that are holding you back. We will be welcoming the healing power of love through tapping into our group's wisdom and using precious tools offered by Louise Hay, Shakti Gawain, Joanna Macy and Yoga Nidra. These tools will help us to take responsibility for our own lives and open up to happier ways of being together and of living on planet Earth.

Standing in our centre we can fully step into our planetary role and become powerful agents for a greener, happier planet.

Tiered price (click here for more information): £1010 / £770 / £630

Tiered Pricing

We want to ensure that our workshops and events are accessible to a diverse range of people and recognise that one person’s financial situation will differ from another. So that money is not a barrier to participating in our workshops and events, we offer a tiered pricing structure and ask that you select the price appropriate for your personal circumstances. Please take a moment to read about our tiered pricing here.

Includes 7 nights accommodation and all meals.

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Rita Tojal is a traveller, exploring the planet with an open heart. The founder of Green Eyes, she is a Systemic Psychologist and student of Tibetan Buddhism and non-duality.