Applied Sustainability: Whole-systems thinking to re-design the future

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Iain Findlay & Isabella Guerrini de Claire

How do I know when my organisation or community is sustainable?

Sustainability is about creating the sustainable better world we can aspire to for ourselves, our neighbours, our earth and future generations.

Applied sustainability course enables organisations to create optimal strategies and concrete applications. The course's approach creates a shared language so that we may work together for effective and desirable change.

The Natural Step Level 1 is one of the main tools of this course, with a certified methodology for successful organisational and community sustainability planning.

Sustainability applied is a concrete way to redesign our broken economy, emulating natural systems with circular economy, applying the natural biological patterns to the production of goods and services. We will understand also from "doing", with many practical examples, case-studies and showcases from circular economy to permaculture, closing-the-loop, blue economy, cradle to cradle, waste=food, land and water regeneration, biomimicry. This course allows to create solutions that focus upon the underlying causes of the problem, rather than trying to tackle the myriad effects. In short, environmental and social problems are turned from a potential major liability into a potential major opportunity.

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Iain Findlay provides guidance in using sustainability frameworks and improving understanding between disciplines. Iain is a Scottish piper, geodesic dome builder, a gardener/teacher, successful inventor of sustainable solutions for food vertical growing. Directory Board of Transition Town Forres, Sircle Project - developing Curriculum for Social Enterprises, Resilient Communities.

Isabella Guerrini de Claire is a management resource person of the Findhorn Foundation, designing a sustainable Food System platform. Author, cook, living-food advocate, workshop leader, landscape designer and sustainability advisor, Isabella has developed an educational curriculum for sustainable living, a systemic approach with groups, managers, staff, children and families and disadvantaged people.