Caroline Myss - Sojourns into the Desert of the Heart

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15–17 November 2014

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Many ideas we have about life are simply not true. One of these is that all the space in our heart should be continually filled up with love and happiness. Holding this belief, we may interpret the empty spaces we inevitably discover in our heart as indications that we have somehow taken a wrong turn in our life.

Discovering a 'desert of the heart' is, however, a well-timed spiritual experience - an opportunity to reflect upon the quality of the choices you are making in your life. It is a gift, a chance to rid yourself of something that is causing you and others pain.

You are invited to:

  • Enter the Desert of the Heart - A person enters the Desert of the Heart when it's time to confront a personal myth that needs to be released or repaired
  • Dwell in the Desert - Through recognising that your behaviour is not in balance, and employing self-examination and observation of your actions and reactions, you will identify the pattern behind the extreme behaviour and the personal myth that gives you permission to act in this way. You are then in a position to be able to release the myth.

Breaking through a personal myth can be amongst the most rigorous tasks you can undertake. By choosing this path of inner work, you are giving yourself time, silence and distance from your familiar landscape to come back into balance with your own essential nature.

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For those who would like to stay on for a few days to integrate and reflect after our
Caroline Myss event, there will be an opportunity to join others who are also staying on.
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Caroline Myss PhD, is a pioneer of energy healing. She is a medical intuitive internationally known for her work with sacred contracts, archetypes and chakras. She is the author of many books and is founder of Chicago's Caroline Myss Education Institute to which she now devotes much of her time and energies.