Robert Holden: Happiness and the Enneagram -
Nine Meditations on Living a Joyful Life

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People who follow their joy discover a depth of creativity and talent that inspires the world.

Robert Holden, Be Happy

HAPPINESS AND THE ENNEAGRAM uses the timeless wisdom of the Enneagram to help you experience greater joy in your life, work and relationships.

The ENNEAGRAM is the oldest self-awareness tool on our planet, dating back 2,500 years. Over three days, Robert will coach you on identifying your Enneagram Type so that you can understand yourself better, heal inner blocks, and enjoy your life more.

Robert will also facilitate nine soul meditations that help you to experience the peace and joy of your soul's true nature.

Key themes for this retreat include:

  • Following Your Joy - recognising the real purpose of your life.
  • Your Happiness Contract - undoing the inner blocks to happiness
  • Miracle of Forgiveness - healing the past and living happily even after
  • Everyday Abundance - opening up to greater inspiration and flow
  • Happiness NOW! - daring to show the world who you really are.

NOTE: No previous experience of The Enneagram is necessary for this course. We recommend, however, that you take an Enneagram Test. Click here to take the test.

Tiered price (click here for more information): £590 / £450 / £360

Tiered Pricing

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Includes 3 nights accommodation (depart Tuesday morning), full board and refreshments.


Robert Holden is the Founder of The Happiness Project. His innovative work on happiness has been featured on Oprah, a PBS special called Shift Happens! and in two major BBC documentaries. Robert facilitated a retreat on Love and The Enneagram at Findhorn in 2013. He has also presented keynotes and workshops at three major Findhorn conferences. Robert is the author of Happiness NOW!, Authentic Success, Shift Happens!, Be Happy and Loveabilty He hosts a weekly show for Hay House Radio called Shift Happens!