The Alchemy of Transformation

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Joy Drake & Yasko Takahashi

This hybrid workshop combines two proven tools for uplifting consciousness - the Transformation Game® and SoulCollage®. It offers participants an opportunity to follow the emerging impulse seeking expression in their lives, and make a graceful shift into new ways of being that are infused with aliveness.

During four days of playing the Transformation Game®, we open to the grace, power and wisdom within and let outdated selves fall away. Then, for the next two days, we dive into the SoulCollage® process, building on revelations that emerged from the Game by creating collaged cards. We learn how the cards speak to us and use them as portals to access untapped wisdom.

On the last day we distill the essence of the next-step information provided by the Game. As the Angel and SoulCollage cards speak, additional inner resources are discovered, new links are forged and alchemy happens!

The Transformation Game® is a clear mirror that highlights challenges in your life as well as what is working. This is not always a comfortable process. Please come committed to engage in some in-depth inner work and explore new possibilities.

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Tiered Pricing

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Includes all programme content, 7 nights accommodation, full board and refreshments.

The Alchemy of Transformation workshop was very powerful and profound, and I loved the time we spent with SoulCollage®. It facilitated a shift to right brain perception, which put me in greater resonance with my playing purpose. The inclusion of the SoulCollage® reading helped me ground the whole Game experience, and took it and my practical application to a different dimension.

H.W. - previous workshop participant

I felt that the combination of these two techniques for self-exploration created a kind of synergy that deepened and grounded the experience. It's like yin-yang; they complete each other in a holistic way.

G.J. - previous workshop participant

Joy Drake

Joy Drake is the originator of The Transformation Game®, a trained SoulCollage® Facilitator, and Findhorn Fellow. She is committed to discovering innovative ways of serving the emerging impulse.

Yasko Takahashi

Yasko Takahashi is a Transformation Game® facilitator, translator, graphic designer, event organiser and long-term FF staff member. She has passion to create, find and enhance beauty in all lives.