Healing With the Power of Wild Animals - Using Animal Essences to Transform Our Lives

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Daniel Mapel

The Wild Earth Animal Essences are vibrational remedies, in the tradition of flower essences, that support and nurture us with the wisdom and power of wild animals. Daniel will guide the group through a transformative journey deep into ourselves. Using meditations, emotional process work, and other tools, along with the essences, we will share together a profound experience of joy, love and healing.

With the support of the animals we will focus on healing the past, embracing the present, and receiving guidance for the future, and coming to love and accept ourselves more fully on all levels.

Daniel creates a loving space of healing where the essences can truly be experienced and the animals connected with. He brings the animal spirits to life and his teachings have a deep understanding of the hidden world of animal magic. Come prepared for an adventure!

Tiered price (click here for more information): £1040 / £820 / £680

Tiered Pricing

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Includes 7 nights accommodation and all meals.

Click on the image below to see Daniel giving a short presentation about his Level 1 workshop. This workshop will include all the material normally offered in his Level 1, along with the material usually offered in his Level 2 and Deep Healing workshops as well.

As an animal lover, communicator, and therapist, I have great admiration for the way Daniel creates his essences in such an honourable and respectful way towards the animal kingdom. It is a joy to use these powerful essences, and his courses bring a whole new dimension to connecting with animals, spiritually and physically.

Anne, previous workshop participant

I am not the only one that had my heart opened and am experiencing more love and joy since your seminar. Thank you very much for your presence and inspiration.

Linette, previous workshop participant


Daniel Mapel has been creating the Wild Earth Animal Essences in the USA since 1995 and teaching about them around the world.
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