Incarnational Spirituality: Living the Principles of Manifestation

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Freya Secrest & Adele Napier
with David Spangler via video-stream

14–20 March 2015

This programme is part of the Incarnational Spirituality Series. Click here for more information about this series and the other modules in it.

Manifestation is often seen as a way of getting something. But from the perspective of incarnational spirituality, it's an act of identity, of becoming something. It's an act of 'incarnating' a new pattern of ourselves into reality, and growing into a new expression of ourselves. This is as true for 'me with new toaster' as for 'me with new job' or for 'me as a more compassionate person'. In each case it involves defining and inhabiting the seed of the 'new you', and then engaging co-creatively with life to nurture its growth. It's a process that allows us to experience our identity as generative, creative beings; change agents capable of shaping our lives in positive directions.

Manifestation is not about acting upon the world as an isolated and separate identity, but rather about acting with the world in recognition of how our identities blend and contribute to each other. It works because the universe is alive and responsive to the 'shape' of the energy field of our body, mind and heart. It succeeds when we learn to craft a living engagement of our life energy with the energies of the world. Manifestation is something we are, not just something we do.

Everything in the universe is connected to everything else, at the level of energy if not at the level of matter. The manifestation process works with this invisible, underlying order of interconnectedness and offers guiding principles that can help us craft our connections in ways that enhance the life and relationships we are manifesting.

In this week we will draw on David Spangler's manifestation process to explore these principles and put them into action. Its step-by-step approach will help you to craft synchronicity in your life and to bring your energy, needs, commitments and presence into deeper relationship with the ecology of life around you.

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Subtle Worlds by David Spangler book cover To Hear The Angels Sing by Dorothy Maclean book coverReading prerequisite:
Subtle Worlds by David Spangler or To Hear The Angels Sing by Dorothy Maclean. These are available from the Lorian Press, Amazon or The Phoenix Shop in The Park at Findhorn.

Freya Secrest

Freya Secrest, MSD is spiritual director and one of the founding members of the Lorian Centre for Incarnational Spirituality and currently serves as Lorian's administrator. She has worked in the field of alternative education since 1974.

Adele Napier is passionate about how we experience sacredness in every day life, and open to new possibilities for living. She develops and facilitates programmes which deepen enquiry into this, and practices as Interfaith Minister and spiritual counsellor