Incarnational Spirituality: Personal Pathways of Collaboration

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Freya Secrest & Mary Inglis
with David Spangler via video-stream

7–13 March 2015

This programme is part of the Incarnational Spirituality Series. Click here for more information about this series and the other modules in it.

As humans, we are multi-dimensional beings, embedded in a multi-dimensional world. We have the capacity to access, attune to and engage a wide range of energetic conditions – physical, emotional, mental, subtle and spiritual. And within each of us there is a generative source, an inherent self organising sentiency or spirit that seeks to create wholeness, both internally in relation to ourselves, and externally in relation to our environment.

Connecting with this generative source engages us with our own inherent call and purpose in life, with the unique presence and contribution we each bring. It also engages us with the incarnational call of the world and of our times, and with the deep generative presence at the heart of everything.

In this week, we will explore the fullness of ourselves as multi-dimensional beings. We will research our personal pathways to accessing and partnering with the different dimensions of life, both within ourselves and around us. We will explore the nature of partnership, as well as focusing on the gifts, strengths and presence we each bring. We will recognize and develop skills of subtle perception, and build personal pathways of collaboration with the subtle fields of earth and spirit.

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Incarnational Spirituality by David Spangler book coverReading prerequisite:
An Introduction to Incarnational Spirituality by David Spangler. This is available from the Lorian Press, Amazon or The Phoenix Shop in The Park at Findhorn.

Freya Secrest

Freya Secrest, MSD is spiritual director and one of the founding members of the Lorian Centre for Incarnational Spirituality and currently serves as Lorian's administrator. She has worked in the field of alternative education since 1974.


Mary Inglis is a long term faculty member of the Findhorn Foundation and leads courses and trainings worldwide in personal and group development, creativity and the Transformation Game.